Yesterday was a busy day for us. We were out and about doing our busy thing.  In all our busyness I looked down at my sweet little sunshine and thought. . . 


Her hair really is a mess.”

Even though I brush it and try to pull it back . . . she just wont have it.  

06.18.13 Liz  at the park

She likes it down. 

I pull out my phone and give my hair dresser a call, and then I tell   my little sunshine the big news. 

She is not happy and feels very stressed about the whole thing. 

She tells me: “She wants her hair to grow out like Tangles and if she gets it cute then how will it ever look good?” 

We go to the park to talk about what we will do and to ease our  hair cut stress.   She just needed a little time to get use to the idea.   

06.18.13 Liz  swiinging

We  think for a long time. 

and then it was time to go . . . 


I knew it could  go either way. . . 

Will she like her new do. . . or will she hate it. 

We could have  tears for weeks. 

06.18.13 Liz _1


Even though we have had a lot of rain, the sun is still shining here in the South. 


Little by Little 

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