when I told you Daisy had six new puppies and we were all excited?

three pups

Remember when I told you, I thought it would be great fun for the kids to see how puppies grow?  


Remember, I told you about how Daisy disappeared for two days, and Kathryn cried

and cried

and cried?

Remember how  we found our new mother in the woods with her new babies? 

Black and brown pup

Well. . .

Six weeks are up. 

And it’s time to start looking for good homes for these little guys. 

side view of brown & BLACK pup

Now it’s Liz’s turn to . . . 


and cry

and cry.

She told me last night she just realized it was time to give them up.

and she cried

and cried

and cried.


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

10 thoughts on “Remember . . .

  1. Lisa … I love these adorable little puppies!! Great captures!! Now, I had to go back and read about ‘fat Daisy’ first! Great pictures there as well! And, I do believe I would cry if I had to give them all up, too … oh, but maybe just keep one for your daughter like daydreamer254 said?!! You can tell by those paws they won’t be small when they grow up, and the dark one looks like a pup we used to have … love those markings! Let us know when you find homes for them … in the meantime, I’m sure they’ll be very well taken care of! 🙂

    Well, as promised, I finally posted here on WordPress!! Yep, really!! lol! I entered Monic’s Floral Love challenge this week … and I also made some changes to my site, still not sure I like it, though, but I do hope you’ll drop in when you can! You have a blessed weekend, my friend! – Deborah xo


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