This week teacher Lisa has us working on photographing  in very low light.  This lovely girl is my son’s girl friend.  She was nice enough to sit for me while I practiced. We used her  iPhone for the light source.

Miceala in Black and White

 SPD 2 – F 1.8 – ISO 1000

I wanted to catch her singing and strumming at the same time. She sings so beautifully.  I know the photo is a little off but, I  like. 


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Dog Years

While I was cleaning up today, I caught these two  sitting there looking out the window at the life on the street. 

Liz and Natasha looking out the window

Natasha ((the dog ) is 11 years old in human years.  That 77 in dog years.  To look at her white fur you think she is just a pup. 


But, in all reality she is slowing down. She looks out the window these days more then she wants to go outside side to play.  Today through my lens I see the age on her.

It made me a little sad to realize just how very old she is. 


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they want to help me

The best thing about this photography class is:  I’m taking more photos of my older kids.


I have found – They want to help me.

for Kathryn

I don’t care what they say. . .

I know they want to help me.

Kathryn for me


Especially after a “pretty please Kathryn would you do this for your mother.  I promise after this we will get something gooey and chocolate . . . she said . . .

Kthryn on the rock

Sure Mom! I would love to do this simple thing for you. Would you mind if I cleaned my room first, and then I would like to do the dishes in the sink for you. 

Okay . . . not really -She didn’t say any of that. 

 She said “You’ll get me anything I want?” 

Kathryn looking down

“Okay!” I’ll do it. But . . . first,  can I drive the car? 


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a little princes party

This girl of mine. . .  the girl that never wants to wear a dress because it’s to hard to sit down in. . . had a little princess party the other night. 

Princess Liz

Well really, this  was  an idea I had for a fun photo shot , and we turned it into a princess party.

three girls

We loaded up the car with: our besties, crowns, dresses and ponies and  headed to where the light was golden. 

Liz spinning

We had such a blast dressing up, spinning and shooting in that beautiful light. 

for leah

It was a night fit for a queen . . . and a beautiful dress. 

three girls

They never once whined it’s to hot for this. Or I want to wear that dress and not this one.  The only complaint I had was,   ” It’s over???? But??? Why???”  


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I think. . .

The other night I called this  guy and said,

Alex 2

“Would you PLEASE meet me at the best Nana’s house for some photos around 7 tonight? ” “You can bring anything you want – just come and play with me. ” 

the duel

He brought three things: His little brother, shields and swords.


 Once I got the shutter speed thing down, I couldn’t believe how much fun doing these shots were. 


The assignment this week is to get shots during the golden hour. 


 I love  everything about these photos: the colors , the settings, the swords, the boys . . . the golden hour.  I just love everything. 


I think these guys had fun.  I think they might play with me again sometime. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party

Figuring things out. . .

Last week was a tough week for me when it comes to photography.   Remember, I told you I am taking this photography class.  


the assignment last week was anything  motion.  

sliding into the pool

 Sounds simple right?


I didn’t understand how to not only bump up my shutter speed . . . I didn’t know what shutter speed really meant.  I mean,  I understood shutter speed was the thing that opened and closed the lens but,  I couldn’t figure out how to get my camera there.  

I didn’t understand the exposure triangle and how together,  the Aperture, Shutter, and ISO balance each other out so the meter reads “0” or Even. 

It’s hard stuff! 


I really felt like I was underwater the whole week. 

the flip

I couldn’t focus on anything else but getting this exposure triangle thing down. When I finally came up for air –  teacher Lisa said ” Your focus is off here. ”  


Since I’m persistent and a really strong swimmer:  I kept on working it, and you know what?

 . . . I got it!  

I’ll show you some of those photos tomorrow. Now I have to  do the laundry, and let’s not talk about the dishes in the sink that have been piling up all week. 


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this photography thing

The assignment this week is: Motion shots.  


When I told my kids what I had to do –  Stevie Wonder snapped into action for me.  

two hands

 I put my camera in S mode, set my ISO to 350 and went to work. 

Stephen Apparting

Then I confused myself,  and put my camera back into Manual mode.

After this shot I thought –   surly I need to slow down my shutter speed and not speed it up. 



steve in a tree


As hard as Stephen worked to give me what I needed, I not only cute off his feet, I  shot everything in the wrong speed.


Teacher Lisa said,  “Lisa, if you remember, I said when the class started:  “We should always shot in manual mode.” 

Oh! Yeah! Now, I remember.

Gee. This photography thing is really hard. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party