I have told you before I am taking this online photography class.  


I love it!!

I just love it! 

It’s making me step out of my comfort zone and that’s really what I need. 

So this is what I have been doing.


I’m taking photos of everything.

I even pulled out the new to me lens I bought last Christmas.  I bought it because: first of all, it was a good e-bay deal and second of all, I figured it was exactly what I needed to make me a better photographer.

AND when I got it. . .

to add

 I learn it was self focus. . . so I put it in my bag, and that is where it stayed  until I asked Teacher Lisa what the heck I should do with the thing.

She said, “USE IT!!!” 

new butter fly

So after 8 months of  dreading using this lens and thinking I really should sell it  . . .  I put  it back on my camera and gave it another try. 

and you know what? 

It turned out okay. 


It still intimidates me, and there are more times that I would like when my photos come out blurry.   

There is so much I’m not really sure of but, I’m working on it.   


Butter fly

I like what see. 


 The Long Road to ChinaPhoto Story Friday/Friday Photo Journal


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