We have a little bit of rain in these parts. By a little bit of rain . . . I mean: flooding,  torrential downpours, rain every day for a month.  


And when we haven’t  had rain, we have sunsets that look like this. 


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10 thoughts on “the rain

    1. I’m in South Carolina. We have been pretty good today. Actually, blue skies in the afternoon. Now, if we could only get the grass cut it would be a perfect summer. 🙂


  1. At least you are getting the sunsets! I’m in that same band of rain. I think I’m sending it to you, unfortunately. It’s been such a crazy summer.


  2. That is gorgeous … we had a few of those sunsets last week!! Well, hello, my friend! It’s been a little while now hasn’t it?! And just look at what I’ve missed over here! So glad you got your computer up and running again, too! And Happy 7th to your little blue eyed angel!! And the ‘new to us’ furniture … how awesome is that!! Also would love to know what ‘new to you’ lens you used for those butterfly images! Those are so pretty!! Well, I’m going to be posting again over here soon but I wanted to drop in to see how you were doing, and catch up … also to see if you’ve gotten a chance to post in Floral Love. Maybe not since your computer was down, but I posted there this past Friday from my ‘other’ site (you know, the other site, along with this one. that I’m still deciding on! lol!!). Actually, it’s kinda fun having two … if you get bored with one, just head on over to one with a little different format! 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve been looking around here, and your images are wonderful, Lisa! I see you’re also in the ‘i heart faces’ challenge, too! I’ve entered there many times, and really learned a lot from being on their community page that I joined. There are just so many challenges/memes out there now, and sometimes I don’t know which ones to get involved in, so I keep it simple … and rotate!

    Hope you’re enjoying the summer, but staying cool! We’re in the midst of a heat wave that’s to last all week, and no rain! Yikes!! I’m thinking I really miss those ‘cool’ breezes of winter right now! I have a mini-engagement photo shoot this coming Saturday, and I’m dreading the 90+ degree heat they’re predicting! They say rain, too, so maybe we’ll postpone it … time will tell! You have a great week, and do stop on over to my ‘other site’ when you get some time! xoxo



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