The assignment this week is: Motion shots.  


When I told my kids what I had to do –  Stevie Wonder snapped into action for me.  

two hands

 I put my camera in S mode, set my ISO to 350 and went to work. 

Stephen Apparting

Then I confused myself,  and put my camera back into Manual mode.

After this shot I thought –   surly I need to slow down my shutter speed and not speed it up. 



steve in a tree


As hard as Stephen worked to give me what I needed, I not only cute off his feet, I  shot everything in the wrong speed.


Teacher Lisa said,  “Lisa, if you remember, I said when the class started:  “We should always shot in manual mode.” 

Oh! Yeah! Now, I remember.

Gee. This photography thing is really hard. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party

9 thoughts on “this photography thing

  1. Lol … I love your sense of humor, my friend!! You did a good job on these! I will say that I have seen even ‘well seasoned’ photographers intentionally cut off heads, feet, half of the body, you name it! It’s all in your ‘style’, and how you want to present an image … I’ll never forget an engagement session I did for some family friends … and yes, I cut off the top of his head, and when I shared that session, I got some not so nice comments … one even saying that it looked scary! That really made me think that maybe I wasn’t ‘cut out’ for this ‘photography thing’ … but then there were the encouraging ones who said there was nothing wrong with the image, and it looked great … go figure!! lol! I have come to realize that everyone has a different ‘style’ … I’m still working on mine!

    And about ‘manual’ mode … that scared me when I first started with it, but that’s what I mostly shoot in now. I’m still confused at times with setting the ISO, etc., but it takes practice, practice, practice, and it’s so encouraging to see you doing just that!! You sure are encouraging me to practice more, too! It’s been so hot here that I’ve been hibernating and practicing with indoor props … need to see how they turned out and post some of them. My cats have been great to work with, too! 🙂

    I also want to thank you for leaving your reply on my previous post … I have a 50mm 1.8 for my camera, too, and I love that little ‘nifty-fifty’!! You can see what I use under my ‘in the bag’ tab, here on my page, too. I really like it when photographers share their ‘gear’! And, I know what you mean about how your photos can look great on the camera but when you get them on your computer they look blurry … happens to me from time to time, and I’m still figuring that out myself!! Oh, and I couldn’t resist … I also joined another meme this week, well, actually I posted to two … one is called ‘P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday’, hosted by Kent Weakley, and he has lots of great video tutorials on his site! The other one is ‘seasonal’ challenge that covers a couple of months at a time, with weekly prompts to choose from. This one is ‘Summer 2013’ and runs through August 2nd. Drop in over here on my site … I just posted to them, and both links are there if you want to check them out!

    You keep up the good work, Lisa! Hope you’re staying cool, too. Like I said, it’s been unbearable here the past few days, and I’m really looking forward to the cool down this weekend! Blessings to you! xoxo


  2. What’s great about this is that you took the challenge, and went out to tackle a new thing. That’s half the battle in any photography. I can remember many a night on the verge of tears because of some technique struggle, but after wiping my tears, I would go try again. I’m impressed by your perseverance. Keep it up! I like many of these shots, by the way. You are doing great, and I have observed your growth!


  3. 🙂 hi lisa!! i wanted to stop in here real quick to tell you i left a ‘reply’ to the sweet comment you left me on my recent posting!! i’m not sure i replied to it right, so you may not get notice of it, so i wanted to let you know here so you would be sure to read it! 🙂 hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!! xoxo


  4. Those are great shots Lisa, you are lucky you have such a nice model :). Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Have a great weekend!


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