The best thing about this photography class is:  I’m taking more photos of my older kids.


I have found – They want to help me.

for Kathryn

I don’t care what they say. . .

I know they want to help me.

Kathryn for me


Especially after a “pretty please Kathryn would you do this for your mother.  I promise after this we will get something gooey and chocolate . . . she said . . .

Kthryn on the rock

Sure Mom! I would love to do this simple thing for you. Would you mind if I cleaned my room first, and then I would like to do the dishes in the sink for you. 

Okay . . . not really -She didn’t say any of that. 

 She said “You’ll get me anything I want?” 

Kathryn looking down

“Okay!” I’ll do it. But . . . first,  can I drive the car? 


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

10 thoughts on “they want to help me

  1. catching up here, my friend!! 🙂 well, i wish i had someone to share gooey chocolate with! lol! it’s hard for me to find willing ‘models’, too! we have done photo shoots but that’s been a year ago … i miss those photo-walks, until they started to bring some models along one time, that i don’t think were my ‘style’ of model, if you know what i mean!! frankly, it was embarrassing! but, lisa, i have to say, these are beautiful of your daughter! i love the ones that are a bit out of focus. it gives it a dreamy-soft quality, and the last one with the drops of ‘bokeh’ in the background … simply beautiful!

    i will have to share with you about what’s happened since our last ‘blog-chat’! it’s why i haven’t gotten back over here, or to reply to your last comment on my site …now i did post some sunflowers in the ‘floral love’ meme last week, though! i love sunflowers, and i couldn’t resist sharing them! anyway, i’ll be in touch soon! you keep up the good work! hope you enjoy your day! xoxo


    1. okay, after my reply to your comment on the sunflowers, i headed back over here to share about what happened to a dear friend of ours … we got to church last Sunday morning, and there was an ambulance there, so we rushed in to see what had happened. there was a meeting going on in the back of the church, near the kitchen, and a friend of ours, a dear man, had fallen, his head literally went through the wall, and he said couldn’t move!! 😦 they got him to the hospital where he had an mri and a ct scan and found 3 vertebrae had been seriously damaged, a possible spinal fracture, broken nose, and no feeling from the chest down!! i couldn’t imagine worse injuries in a car accident!

      we were all on pins, needles, and prayers, as he went through a very challenging 6 hour surgery last monday, where they went in both the front and back of his neck, and replaced the damaged discs between the vertebrae with separators, so the pressure on his neck and spine could be relieved, a curvature of the spine was corrected, and then they put a metal plate in the front of his neck and rods in the back to stabilize everything! he has to wear a neck brace to keep everything raised to heal, which we have been told could take months!

      oh my, lisa, it was such a ‘freak’ accident! he does have what’s called a ‘dropped foot’, and has fallen before, but nothing ever like this! his wife said he stumbled twice, and caught himself, but the third time he didn’t! the men there were in the next room and heard a ‘thud’ and someone yell, help … that’s when they found him!! thank God there was a friend there who had military training for situations like this! we are all surrounding him, and his family, in much prayer, and we did finally get to see him, for a brief time, on thursday … his facial bruises are healing so fast, he has a great attitude, and a funny sense of humor, but he’s realized just how long of a road to recovery he has, and really needs our prayers! his wife is doing well, great attitude too, trying to stay strong for her children, but you can tell that she’s is very concerned! who wouldn’t be!! their family has all come together, one daughter from texas, and so has our church to help in any way we can! so, if you think of him, his name is Bill, and his wife Diane, and their five grown children, pray for them all!

      i’ll keep you posted as we know more … they’ll be moving him to a new facility for therapy this next week, where his wife will be able to be in the same room with him, and actually ‘live’ there with him! it’s like a home/hospital, with 7 nurses to every patient, great atmosphere, and very healthy food! God opened doors there for them to get in … otherwise it would have been to a place his daughter called ‘prison-like’! they are very blessed that they got in to the ‘home-like’ facility, for sure!

      well, that is ‘what happened’ and why i hadn’t gotten back to you sooner! so now, it’s one day at a time, lots of hope, and massive amounts of prayer for our dear friend! thanks so much for ‘listening’ and for your prayers, lisa! xoxo


      1. OH! My Gosh! Deborah! We will be praying for Bill and his family. This is so terrible! I just can’t believe it. I”m so glad Bill is getting the care he needs. What an awful thing to happen. You know, people just amaze me with their strength. What a blessing they are to the rest of us. 🙂 We pray as a family at night so I will tell my kids. They are great prayer warriors. Tell Bill and his family he has friends in S.C. praying hard!

        The girls need me so I’ll have to write later. I just want you to know I read this and when we say our prayers tonight. Bill will be in them. xoxo. and I love to listen! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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