While I was cleaning up today, I caught these two  sitting there looking out the window at the life on the street. 

Liz and Natasha looking out the window

Natasha ((the dog ) is 11 years old in human years.  That 77 in dog years.  To look at her white fur you think she is just a pup. 


But, in all reality she is slowing down. She looks out the window these days more then she wants to go outside side to play.  Today through my lens I see the age on her.

It made me a little sad to realize just how very old she is. 


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4 thoughts on “Dog Years

  1. The first image makes me want to know what they are sharing. Not knowing, makes the image more intriguing.
    Nice Job.



  2. awww, i love these!! each one has a special feeling with it … excellent job, lisa!! 🙂
    my older cat is slowing down, too, but there are still days when the ‘kitten’ in him peeks through!
    our pets are so special to us … they capture our hearts and become such a big part of our families!
    don’t even want to know what it would be like without either of mine!! xo


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