. . .for now. . .

Most people don’t know that Mark has heart failure.  Today we went to see his doctor to get “that word” on how this husband of mine is really doing. 

at the house just looking class 2

Dr. Henderson said, “It seems you are is good . . . for now.” He stressed “for now “. He said “for now” several times through out our conversation.  When I asked “What does ‘for now’ mean?”  The Dr said, “Well, for now he is good. We watch carefully and take it one thing at a time.” 

It made me stop and think. And, I didn’t ask anymore questions because: one – I already know the answers –  two – I don’t want to hear the answers and three. . . I think . . . if the best I get is “for now”. . then that’s good enough for today.  


Little things Thursday

How I wish

Yesterday was our official end of the summer. Matthew went back to school.

The end of summer

He didn’t want to go so, it was even harder. With a 1000 miles between us. . .  How I wish Benedictine was closer.


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Back to School

Monday Matthew gets back on an airplane that will take him to Kansas. He will then be off to Benedictine for another semester of school.  Tuesday we will find our self’s  back in our classroom studying hard. My heart will be heavy because I will miss my oldest son.  I’ll remind myself I don’t home school to keep these kids home forever.


I homeschool because, Mark and I believe this is the best we can offer our children. So, I will sharpen my pencils,  get our class room ready, and put on my best teachers face for a successful year.


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may he never change

When I took him out for our photo shoot the other day, on one of the lots where we went had the beginnings of a house on it.  The framing was up on the house but, there were only a few  outside walls completed.

Stephen climbing in B&W

In good old Stephen fashion,  he climbed up the walls to the very top. This didn’t surprise me at all. In fact,  he has climbed up walls from the time he was just a little guy.   It makes me smile to see that my “Stevie Wonder” hasn’t changed.


Little things ThursdayReady to Waltz 

Today’s the day. . .

I am going back to college. I signed up to study American Sign Language.  Today is the day I start.  I’m a little nerves –  wondering if I can keep up with all I have to keep up with: my kids,  my husband, homeschooling, laundry, the house,  staying focused on my photography and study.

red shoes 2

 It’s going to be a busy year for us. 

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!” 
― Dr. SeussOh, the Places You’ll Go!


Hey Stephen. . . will you play with me?

Finally I got this kid out to take his photograph.  

For class 1

He didn’t want to do it. He fought me over it like crazy. I promised him he didn’t have to smile.

Nice one! for the class

Just stand there and be gorgeous,” I said.   

Looking at tractor 2

You don’t even have to look at me. 

Stephen under the hood

“You will love looking at the equipment. You can check out the engines and see if everything is the way it should be.”  I told him. 

You will love it! I promised 

Stephen looking Good

So, Hey Stephen! What do you say???  Will you play with me? 


Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift

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What’s Love got to do with it?

I don’t talk much about my husband here .  He is very private and he doesn’t like me to take his photo. 

Mark cutting wood

But every now and then – I turn my camera on him, and sneak one in. I do this usually when he is working. 


He is always working. 

the lake

The other day  he had a job in the mountains, up at a lake house.  The owners of the house told him, “to bring the family up while he did the job.”  “You could get in a little fishing with your boys.”  the man said. 

 The thing that struck me the most when we went up to this house was not how very beautiful the lake or the house was. It was – how hard my husband works for us. He gives us so much. ~  I already knew this about him, after all, we have been married 22 years.  But, I guess you could say: “it” hit  home with me this day. 

Watching him work – while everyone else played. 

Mark 3

He worked . .


The kids played. 


and when I asked him if he minded that he was working while everyone else had fun. . . .

lake with sun

he said, “No. Why would I mind?  I want you with me, and I want them to have fun. It’s a nice day for me.”  

What’s love got to do with it?   Everything! 


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