This week I have been practicing focusing on the eyes. “Focus on the eyes Lisa.”  If teacher Lisa  said it once – she said it a thousand times.  


This photo is simple. It’s just me practicing.  It’s straight out of the camera. It was hard not to do anything to it as far as processing goes . But, I left it alone.

 Tip for the day. . . .Focus on the eyes. . . It does make a big difference. 


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City


11 thoughts on ““Focus on the eyes Lisa. . .”

  1. yes, those eyes have it! love those ‘catch lights’! i’ve been working on that myself … so much to work on … so little time! oh, but i hope you’re doing well, lisa … i hadn’t heard from you in a while, at least here wordpress, but i just saw your comment on blogger! (where can i find you there? i thought i had at one time, but now it’s the Google+ and i’ve chosen not to be have that right now) wanted to finish the conversation about our friend, bill, here … he is doing better, and i want to thank you so much for thinking of him, and for your prayers! they finally were able to move him to the rehab facility, but he has a long journey ahead of him … i’m happy to say that he is moving his feet now, which is an answer to prayer! now we want him to be able to move his arms … seems it’s starting from the bottom up, but at least there’s improvement!! his attitude is still so good, but there are times when the medication can make him agitated … they’re trying to get that regulated now. it’s one day at a time!

    *now, do let me know how you’re doing … are you starting your homeschooling soon? i remember those days … not so long ago! i still have a lot of curriculum, and other things, i used with our son, and i need to sell them, or something. maybe it would help pay for a new camera! lol! you have a blessed week, and come on by when you can, or email me, and let me know how you are! xoxo


    1. Hey! Yes! I’m here. We are starting school in two weeks. I’m going back to school next week. AND I’m so super nervous about it all. I’m going back for a in special education – manly sign language. So I have been busy cleaning our class room getting organized for the busy year to come. The more I organize to the more I find I need to organize. I have 12 years of homeschooling to clean out and go through. A homeschool consignment shop just opened down the street from me and I’m taking things I know I won’t use there. It’s so hard to know what to give up and what to keep for my younger one – so I’m getting rid of the things I bought that we didn’t like and keeping only what we loved. The trouble is I have so much of it! It’s taking me forever – I hope I can finish before I start classes. I’m worried about how in the world will I juggle all these people in my house: schooling them, schooling me, keeping up with my photography (( I don’t want to let that go.)) keeping up with the work I have in my husbands business and do the laundry and the food shopping. anyway – that’s why have been such a stranger. I’m sorry 😦

      I am so glad Bill is doing better. I pray for him often.

      You can find me here. I started the blog on the other site I think 4 years ago. I never go back there because I find this site better for what I’m trying to achieve. And that is to grow in my photography. I’m amazed how much I have grown here from real photographers like you. You won’t believe how much you have helped me. Soooooo TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m amazed – I didn’t find this on the other site. and that is why I left. The Google thing: sometimes I just can’t leave a comment from my wordpress blog so I cheat and go to the Google it’s fast and easy. Ugh! even though I’m not done – I have to run: my 7 year old needs me. Don’t be surprised if you get several messages from me today. The one thing I don’t like about this comment reply thing is you can’t save thoughts. You have to just send. More later – Thanks for checking on me. You’re the best!!! LoVE!!!


    1. Thank you for asking me this question Rhys. You know I just can’t figure out why this is happening. I see a lot of my photos look like this. My setting were: F 1.8, 1/8, ISO 640 – Now, I think my F stop was to low or would that be high. I’m so confused. 🙂 AGAIN!!! Thank you so much for asking me this question. I am looking forward to your response. Lisa


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