Most people don’t know that Mark has heart failure.  Today we went to see his doctor to get “that word” on how this husband of mine is really doing. 

at the house just looking class 2

Dr. Henderson said, “It seems you are is good . . . for now.” He stressed “for now “. He said “for now” several times through out our conversation.  When I asked “What does ‘for now’ mean?”  The Dr said, “Well, for now he is good. We watch carefully and take it one thing at a time.” 

It made me stop and think. And, I didn’t ask anymore questions because: one – I already know the answers –  two – I don’t want to hear the answers and three. . . I think . . . if the best I get is “for now”. . then that’s good enough for today.  


Little things Thursday

14 thoughts on “. . .for now. . .

  1. Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this! It breaks my heart that you both have to live with uncertainty. I’m glad that you are treasuring the now. Each day truly is a gift for all of us. May The Lord be gracious to give you lots of “now” time. I hope that translates into years, and years, and years!


    1. Thank you Kim! Boy did you nail it on the head! Uncertainty!!! Ugh! Yes! I often Thank God I’m a religious woman – I don’t know how I would get through the uncertainty without it Faith, Hope and Love 🙂 So really we are good. It’s just so strange to think that my husband has Heart Failure . . .and then we go to the Dr. and it hits us. Even though Mark has a pacemaker/defibrillator device we just can’t believe it. AND THEN we go to the Dr.

      . I almost didn’t link up with Little things. . because I didn’t want to bring the meme down. But, then I thought of your post and how you guys are my friend.s I love that meme! 🙂 sorry to have taken so long to message back – as you know – It’s school time – I already miss the summer. 🙂 . I hope your doing well! xoxo


  2. Oh my friend, it’s in those ‘for now’ times that we trust! I am happy to hear that Mark is doing good, too! Know that I’ll be praying for both you, and him! I’ve been thinking of you, Lisa … I left some short replies to your comments on my posts, as well as a lengthy comment on your ‘back to school’ post back on August 24th, and have wondered if you’ve seen any of them. It was after you dropped in to see how I was doing over on my ‘sunflower summer’ post. I know you’ve been busy with a lot on your plate, and I wanted to drop in to say that I’ve missed you! We’ve had lots going on here, too … a family situation that’s been very difficult, and I haven’t been able to be on here much. I need to send you an email and share more with you. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    ((Hugs)) xo
    P.S. Love this photo!! 🙂


    1. Dear Deborah, You’re the best! Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. I have read your comments but, I haven’t taken the time to answer them yet. I wanted them to thought out and a comment you deserved. I haven’t even picked up my camera for at least a week. I am taking an on line math class and I’m trying to get a head in it so I can work with my kids in school. ((the class takes up so much time! )) as of today I’m 10 days ahead. Shuuu! My hand is cramping I have written so much over the past week. Then of course there is the ASL class. LOL! Now that I have a comfort zone I hope I can do a little more other then math.

      Just so you know: Mark and I are feeling good. It’s always such a bummer to go to the Dr and hear about the heart failure. We watch his diet like crazy. He takes is medication and he works a LOT! He is very tired but, we figure he is tired from working so much and then we are reminded about this illness he has. Anyway, I’ll be praying for you. I do hope everything is okay. Do you have my email address?? Forgive me for being a stranger – OH! I didn’t tell you!!! My mother is taking my daughters and I to Walt Disney world! I am so darn excited I can’t stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is ANOTHER REASON I have to get ahead in my school work. LOL!!!!!!!!! My mother is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo more soon I promise!!!


      1. Oh it’s so good to see your reply, Lisa! You are sooo sweet!!!! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, but I’m just thankful to know that we’re still connected on here! I’ve been thinking of you and wanting to write an email to you to let you know what’s been going on in my life these days … yes, we’re still walking through that ‘family’ situation, but God is here in the midst, and with prayer it’s going to be alright!! I really thank you for your prayers, too, my friend … I will share more with you, and I’ll send you my email address very soon!!! Yes, I have yours, already … it shows up on the emails I get from WordPress that lets me know when you’ve commented or posted! 🙂

        Oh but I”m so glad you had some time to catch me up here! Sounds like you’re doing well with your online math class and that’s really great! And I’m sure that’s a good feeling being ahead of the game, and I don’t doubt that the ASL class is going just as well for you, too! I can understand how busy you can be with all of it, though … I’ll be praying that things will continue to move like clockwork for you!!

        I’m glad to hear that you and Mark are feeling good! My hubby has had some heart issues in the past, and lately he hasn’t been looking so good, but he is working a lot, too, and not being consistent with his vitamins, and that really makes a difference for him. I’ve also heard some things about our men as they age, and I’ll share that with you in the email, too! 🙂

        How fun, to be able to go to Walt Disney World!! I would be so excited, too … oh, and think of the pictures you’re going to bring back to share with us!!! 🙂 We live in driving distance to King’s Island but we didn’t get a chance to go this year … but that doesn’t even compare to WDW!! I remember going when I was 11, and I loved it!! You are going to have soooo much fun, and what a great way to end the summer!! Yes, your mom is definitely awesome!!!! 🙂

        I also read that you haven’t picked up your camera as much as you’d like … same here, and I really miss it! Oh I’ve snapped a few here and there, but nothing like I want to do. I’m hoping to post something soon, though!! I’m going to write and tell you more, but for now, you have a great weekend, and a blessed Sunday!! And it was really good to hear from you again!! ((Hugs)) xoxo


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