I know. I know. I have been a stranger lately. I have not posted. I have not visited and I have only taken photos on the weekends.


There is so much to do these days  I feel as if I’m falling further and further behind.  I miss blogging. I miss visiting my friends.


I miss photographing AND I miss editing.


Among other things in my free time, I am learning Photoshop.  WOW! There is so much to learn in Photoshop. It’s over whelming!


So anyway, I thought I would share with you a few of the photos  I took of my daughter a few weeks ago.


She liked the fact I asked her not to smile this time – so we could have a more serous look.  The whole thing made her smile, and giggle.

These are all straight out of the camera. . .

edited boots for class

Except this one. I edited this one photo for hours.  I don’t remember the aproach I used. But, I know I put a curve to soften, then I took out some of the brush around her to clean up the photo. And now,  I just can’t get the color of her legs back to normal skin tone. I have decided, If anyone asks, I’m say’n she has on white tights.

and then there is this one . . .

this is the one Kathryn 9-21

That I just love.

kathryn black and white

and then I put it in black and white.  I look at these photos and think . . . Photoshop just might be worth the time it will take me to learn it.

If you leave me a comment – it might take me a while to stop by and say hello. But, I will stop by – I promise.


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

15 thoughts on “Photoshop, S.O.O.C and other things

  1. beautiful photography of your daughter ~ carol ^_^

    ps. I have decided PhotoShop is like getting another Master’s degree and I already have two ~ So congrats on learning the program ~ maybe I should try???(&^!


  2. What a beautiful daughter you have! Regarding photo shop…I’ve been using it or 3 years now, and I’ve barely scratched the surface if all it has to offer. BTW…I WANT that trunk!!!! 🙂


  3. I have yet to take on the Photoshop task. I use lightroom for all my images and find that it does just enough for me without being too much to learn. Love the one of the pink boots and the box she has her feet resting on



  4. Hi Stranger –

    Maybe we should go on vacations more often to see each other – lol! I love all these photos! Your beautiful daughter looks just like you! I am trying to learn photoshop too – so if there is a slow homeschool day we can get together – (I will gladly come there as I have no kiddos during the day!) we could maybe work on it together?!

    The photo of the 2 of us on Main Street, Fantasyland turned out great!

    xoxo ellie


    1. IT is just crazy! that I saw you in there!!! Yes!!! I would love to get together and I can’t wait to see to photo! YES!!!! We have to get together. 🙂 Friday’s are my best days. We have to pick a Friday and just do it!!!


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