Fall Break. . .

Stevie Wonder is on his way to Atchison Kansas.  He is visiting his big brother at Benedictine College. Fall break at the school will never be the same.

stephen-19 wtexture

My little boys are growing up.  

Even though this realization is hard for a mother – I thank God I  believed in: waking a sleeping baby just to hold them,   carrying a little guy even when they could walk but did want to,  and  just plan old holding them close. 

Little things Thursday

talking with your hands

I captured this lady in deep conversation the other day. 

_DSC0080 a

She is signing. 

Whatever she was saying must have been fascinating. 



I also captured this lady. . . listening to her. 


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I met Istuan the other day at the South Carolina school for the Deaf and the Blind.  With such joy, Istuan told me he was autistic.  He told me, he needed to use sign language.   His mother taught it to him, he said.  

For some reason – we hit it off right away:

Istuan - ASL

 his joyful heart was contagious. 

When Istuan saw my camera, he asked me to take a photograph of him. . .  with his hat on,

Istuan 2 ASL

and then. . .   with his hat off.  

Then he asked me to be his girlfriend.  I told him I couldn’t be his girlfriend because,  I had a boyfriend, and that boyfriend was my husband.  Istuan took it all very well.

Istuan B& W ASL

In fact, he was so excited just to have a new friend – he introduced me to his parents.  They were lovely.  I was excited because,  I used sign language for most of our conversations, only speaking the words I didn’t know how to sign.  

Istuan. . .  made my day. 


 Sunday Snapshot /  Sunday in my City / P52/2013

Many colored days. . .

“Green Days.
Deep deep in the sea.
Cool and quiet fish. That’s me.

On Purple Days
I’m sad. I groan.

I drag my tail.
I walk alone.

But when my days
are Happy Pink
it’s great to jump
and not just think.”

Dr. Seuss in My Many Colored Days



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a few nature shots

I did something  the other day I have never done before. 



I left the kids at home and went out with a new photography  buddy to take a few nature shots.

the cut wood

 We talked and hiked and hiked and shot. 

another mushroom

Even though I’m not real thrilled with what came out of my camera 


The hike with a new friend, the time to regroup and just shooting anything that caught my eye –   couldn’t have been more fun. 


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

Auntie and her Jim

Sunday I had the privilege of photographing my aunt and her Jim.  They have been together for many years.  It’s tough now though, because Jim has Alzheimer. It amazes me just how dedicated Auntie is to her Jim.

Auntie and Jim 5 edited.jpg Black and white

Even though it’s constant, she alone sees to his every need.   Jim is a World War ll Veteran.  He played basketball for Brown University and is the nicest man you would ever want to meet. Auntie is a nurse, a mother of seven,  a first class lady. Her love and devotion to her Jim speaks louder then words – silently teaching how life and love really do matter in a selfish world filled with “choice”.


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