Sunday I had the privilege of photographing my aunt and her Jim.  They have been together for many years.  It’s tough now though, because Jim has Alzheimer. It amazes me just how dedicated Auntie is to her Jim.

Auntie and Jim 5 edited.jpg Black and white

Even though it’s constant, she alone sees to his every need.   Jim is a World War ll Veteran.  He played basketball for Brown University and is the nicest man you would ever want to meet. Auntie is a nurse, a mother of seven,  a first class lady. Her love and devotion to her Jim speaks louder then words – silently teaching how life and love really do matter in a selfish world filled with “choice”.


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10 thoughts on “Auntie and her Jim

  1. What a beautiful picture. Just by quickly glancing, I can see their love. How wonderful that she is able to care for him at this stage in his life. You did a wonderful job capturing this part of their story.


  2. This foto say all over love of this two senior persons, no words for explains tle love , only see this wonderfull foto it is enough.a great foto! congratulations for capture and best regard to this couple.


  3. oh sweet friend – this is why photography is such a blessed art! capturing the beauty of your aunt and uncles love is one of the most important things I can even imagine! beautiful photo and gorgeous editing!

    xo ellie
    ps I need your email address so I can send you that photo from Disney!


  4. i love this image, lisa! how precious they are, and how special is she in caring for ‘her Jim’! a self-less love like that sure does a heart good, especially in the world we live in today! you are blessed to have them in your life, my friend! hope things are going good for you, and yours! i am here checking in and wondered if you had seen my reply to your comment last week. among other things going on with me, i’ve also been up to my elbows in editing wedding photos for my great niece so i haven’t been on since then, and yes, i am working on that detailed email i promised you, and if you want to write to me, too, my e-mail address is under the ‘behind the lens’ tab on my site here. do let me know how you’re doing, and how your studies are going, etc.! you have a blessed week!! hugs – xoxo


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