Stevie Wonder is on his way to Atchison Kansas.  He is visiting his big brother at Benedictine College. Fall break at the school will never be the same.

stephen-19 wtexture

My little boys are growing up.  

Even though this realization is hard for a mother – I thank God I  believed in: waking a sleeping baby just to hold them,   carrying a little guy even when they could walk but did want to,  and  just plan old holding them close. 

Little things Thursday

7 thoughts on “Fall Break. . .

  1. Thin makes my heart ache a little for you, and for me one day. I can’t imagine my baby boy all grown up. One of the benefits of him being small is that I get to keep him little a while longer. It’s simply smoke and mirrors of the reality though. The plus side is all those extra strong hands!


  2. Aw. That makes me tear up. I tried to do those things, too. I still hold them all in my lap in my recliner every now and then just to hug them close.


    1. P.S. Can you fix your settings so that your email address is attached to your name when you comment? It won’t be seen on the comments but will be there when I hit reply in my inblox. I would love to email you, but you’re a “no-reply blogger” so I can’t.


  3. Such a handsome young man, that he is!! And, yes, my friend, I can totally relate! Never thought, when all I wanted to do was hold my ‘little boy’ close, that he would grow up so fast, and take the route he did when he went 2500 miles away to CA, but I’m so very grateful that he is now back home, calling me for advice on this or that, and not to mention, asking for the recipes he always loved as a little boy 🙂 … it all makes my heart sing!! It was a time that I had to ‘let go and let God’ direct his life. But our Father knows the path all of them will take … He only gives them to us for a short time and then we are to release them back to Him … and trust that what He is doing in their lives is all in His plan!

    I hope all is well with you, dear Lisa!! I see it’s been a little while since you posted, too! I did send you a reply to the email you had sent me, but hadn’t heard from you, so I thought I would send you another one attached to it to update you since then. I know you’re busy, and I do understand, so when you do find some time, let me know how you’re doing! Wanted you to know that you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers!!

    Hugs xoxo – Deborah


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