Facial expressions are an important part of communication in American Sign Language.

Girl signing

The facial expressions you use while doing a sign will affect the meaning of that sign.

And, when you think about it:  that really makes a lot of sense. . .  doesn’t it?


 Little things Thursday


9 thoughts on “Did you know:

  1. Sign language is beautiful. We signed with both our kids when they were babies and it was the most rewarding and amazing thing, seeing the little ones sign back, able to communicate effectively with us even before they could talk. 🙂


  2. Totally makes sense – the same can be said of verbal communication as well. There’s so many ways that body language can affect the meaning of the message we are sending. I love the intensity on her face in this picture.


  3. The expression on the face is very important — no matter the language. Signing is so lovely to watch, I’m not sure how closely I’d be looking at a face! Good point.


  4. i love watching when someone is using sign language, but sometimes i feel like they think i’m staring at them … well, i guess i am, so i try not to stare for too long! the facial expressions do say a lot, that’s for sure! and, this is a great image … and she definitely looks intense!


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