Indian Princes Liz  2

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!!! 


 Little things Thursday


10 thoughts on “Seriously now:

  1. oh my friend … first, how i love these photos of your ‘indian girls’!! and, i bet that pilgrim class was absolutely the funnest! their costumes are amazing … sooo creative and cute!! i’ve always loved reading about history, and the pilgrims … have you ever heard of david barton? he teaches about the founding of our country and i learn so much from him! you can check out his site at you can find so much info there, but if you want to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ him, you can go type in his name on youtube … lots of videos of his american heritage series and the faith of our founding fathers. we used them during our home schooling days, too. you may already know about him, but just in case you haven’t! 🙂

    hope you all had a blessed thanksgiving, too, lisa! and, i totally understand about the email addresses and not checking them and please don’t think a thing of it!! i’m just glad i had sent you that second one, but i knew we would eventually connect anyway! now, i just read your email here tonight, too, and THANK YOU so much!! i’m going to reply to it very soon! it’s been a busy couple of weeks, so i hadn’t checked my email either … but now since things are calming down and i’m looking at a few quiet days ahead, well, look for an email soon, and would you believe, i FINALLY posted something! lol! yep, not sure if i did the best job in saying what i wanted to say, but what’s done is done! lol! i’ve missed being here, and it’s good to be back, and catching up! i’ll be writing you this week, and thank you for sharing your ‘most used’ email address with me, my friend! i have more than one, too, and haven’t been good at checking them lately, either, hence this late reply to yours! :/ in the meantime, i’m going to go catch up on more of your posts that i missed here! you have a blessed week, and i will be in touch! xoxo


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