Breaking Weather News from the South

I know. . . it’s been a long time. To LONG! I have missed you guys.  I keep promising myself I’ll post but then silly things like school and family get in my way.  

You know I went back to school right???

It’s so much work. 

There is time for all that news later. . .much later.                     I need to move on to more important things: 

Liz in the snow 1-29-14

 We had our first snow of the year today. . .  This Southern Bell is hoping it will be enough to build a Snowman tomorrow.    

I’ll keep you posted. 



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Ready for the Sun

It has been so long since I posted last I forgot my password.  The reason: I have been sick. It seems this past month, I have caught everything there is to catch. It has been one thing right after another.


This morning I think I’m finally coming up for air.

Kathryn and Liz playing cards

So between me whining “I don’t feel good“, and the brutal cold – I’m ready to get out and feel the sunshine.

Who’s with me?