I know. . . it’s been a long time. To LONG! I have missed you guys.  I keep promising myself I’ll post but then silly things like school and family get in my way.  

You know I went back to school right???

It’s so much work. 

There is time for all that news later. . .much later.                     I need to move on to more important things: 

Liz in the snow 1-29-14

 We had our first snow of the year today. . .  This Southern Bell is hoping it will be enough to build a Snowman tomorrow.    

I’ll keep you posted. 



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One thought on “Breaking Weather News from the South

  1. Oh my, it’s so good to see you, my friend!! I haven’t posted since Christmas, or even taken many photos, either … yikes!! Yep, lots of things have been going on here, one is that we were out of power for awhile, but all is warm again … well, lol, at least indoors. Outdoors it’s only in the teens, but we’re now snug as two bugs in a rug … and oh so thankful for heat, and the lights! We are spoiled, aren’t we!

    It’s been so long since I’ve been here on my site, and I’ve missed it, too. Hope you’re all well … I finally got over the flu I had, but still feeling ‘draggy’ … I think it could be due to what little sun we see this time of year. Sure hope to see, and hear more from you around here, and you can bet that I’ll be working my way back, too. At least we know where to find one another! You have a blessed week, Lisa! xoxo


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