I have been off line way to long.

I wonder  where should I start to share with you all again.

I think I’ll start with this very bad photo from my phone.

Stephen off to save the world

It’s a photo of Stevie Wonder as he heads out to save the world on his first Mission Trip to Guatemala.

My hearts busting with pride.

My heart is also sinking to think . . . he grew up so fast on me.


I sure hope and pray he will be safe.

He has always been the one to give that unexpected hug when you needed it most. . .

to give his last cookie if he thought you wanted it more . . .

to give his shirt off his back if he thought you were colder . . .

This 19 year old son of mine stands at 6’7″ and wears a size 16 shoe

all to carry around that big heart of his. . . my Stevie Wonder.

“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!”
-St. Catherine


4 thoughts on “Off to save the World

  1. Oh my friend, how I can relate to the angst of your heart about your dear son! I’ll never forget when our boy went to California … those feelings are still fresh in my mind, even now … I watched as he walked away with bags in hand, thinking. “where did the years go”, then quickly snapped a last minute photo with my shaking hands! I have one of those blurry photos, too. I will be praying for your ‘Stevie Wonder’, Lisa … I know he will do great things for God that will make your heart burst with even more pride!

    I’ve missed you and have been thinking of you lately! I left a comment on your last post, too, and forgot to ask if you got enough snow so that your ‘Southern Bell’ could build that snowman. 🙂 We’ve sure had enough we could have shipped to you! lol! Since then, I haven’t been on much myself. I’m trying to get back into it, though. It’s just been a long winter and much has happened here since we last spoke. The biggest thing is that I watched our son leave on a 10 day tour to Ireland/Scotland last week … this is his 8th day there, (first time out of the country) and he’ll be safely back home on the 5th. He’s on an all expense paid tour, making two videos for an Irish music group who go every year. They had him do one music video here back in September, and invited him to come along this time to do a taping of them playing in Ireland on the hills o’ green! I may share those photos of the time he taped them here … I was able to get quite a few still photos of that. Anyway, he’s been having a good time, learning about his heritage, being as he’s part Scotch, Irish, and Welsh! I’m looking forward to hearing all about his trip, as I’m sure you will be when your son gets home from Guatemala! How long will Stephen be gone? He’ll be in my prayers, and let me know how you are! ((Hugs)) xoxo


    1. You are the best Deborah!!! I have thought of you so often. School has me up to my eyeballs in work. I am frantically trying to get everything done – leaving little time for posting, dishes or conversation. 😦 I miss my blog and you!

      I’m sending you an private email so look for me. xoxo


      1. Thank you so much, Lisa! Praying you’ll find time to enjoy some blogging soon, too, but I totally understand!! It will be so good to see you on here again when you are able! I got your private email, and just sent one to you. I know I’ll hear back from you when you can … just know, my friend, that you both are in my thoughts and prayers! xoxo


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