Today is the  Fourth  day of Lent. I’m playing this beautiful Lenten game with a few friends, one off line and one friend from Faith Hope and Cherrytea  –  Some of us are keeping a list of  the things  we are grateful for, posting a photograph or posting a full post. . .  for 40 days. It seems to be an easy task. We will see. As I do with many of my thoughts and treasures I think I’ll keep my list here. And, since I haven’t picked up my camera in weeks I want to post a new photo each day with that list. We will see how it goes.

These are the rule. Don’t worry,  they are simple and we would love for you to join us: Like I am doing write down one or ten things you are grateful for,  add a photograph or not if would like.   My friend off line sends me 5 things she is grateful for. Faith Hope and Cherrytea is linking up with a  beautiful photograph each day. Some of us like poems, quotes whatever you want to do to show gratitude.   Feel free to jump in for one day or all the whole 40 days and  don’t forget to encourage others. We all love comments.

Let’s inspire each other and share our love. Happy Lent Journey to you.

xoxo, Lisa


1.) My oldest son is home safe for Spring Break and I’m so thankful!

2.) I’m thankful my sister came by for a little visit yesterday. She brought the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine for a visit.  Our Lady is always a welcome visitor in this home.

3.) I am thankful my husband feels a touch better today. He’s been very sick.

4.) I’m thankful my kids call me Mom. Sometimes I can’t believe my oldest is 21.

5.) I’m over whelmed with “Thankfulness” (( is that a good word? )) to have  home schooled these children of ours.

6.) I am thankful for a husband who works so loving and selflessly for our family.

7.) I am thankful my daughter, Kathryn, has the best girl friends I have ever meet in my life. We should all be so lucky. These girls Love! It’s such a beautiful thing.

8.) I am thankful for the friends my sons have. I’m just amazed at the way these kids pull together and support each other.

9.) I am thankful for the little things , like the train above, this little image brings me back to a time my little boys were small and over joyed because of a simple train ride.

10.) I am thankful each one of our kids know their Catholic Faith. It gives this mother so much peace when they are not close by.


7 thoughts on “Day Four . . . Lent

  1. Such a lovely photo and sweet reminder of the past.. grateful for those childhood memories of our children too!

    Glad you’ve added your link in the queue! there is one that needs removing as it isn’t a lent link [just someone using the opp to promo their own news] so if you use the inlinkz instructions that can be removed for integrity of your linking purpose. thanks (=

    I actually spent the last 1/2 hr searching the site trying to find how you can change your settings for being able to reply to an email and I’m sorry I wasn’t successful.. perhaps you can go to your dashboard or profile and find some link or default setting that needs changing? hoping that helps… otherwise email me so I have your email that I can respond personally rather than here in comments (=

    Have a great day, Lisa! blessings to you…

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