Today is the  Sixth  day of Lent and Man! Six days in a row for me is a record.  I’m playing this beautiful Lenten game with a few friends:  one off line and one friend from Faith Hope and Cherrytea  – Some of us are keeping a list of  the things  we are grateful for and  posting a photograph. Some of us are just posting a photograph  or maybe posting a full post. . .  for 40 days. It seems to be an easy task.  As I do with many of my thoughts and treasures I think I’ll keep my list here. And, since I haven’t picked up my camera in weeks I want to post a new photo each day with that list.  Please play along – it’s great fun and strangely freeing.

These are the rule. Don’t worry,  they are simple and we would love for you to join us: If you wish write down one or ten things you are grateful for,  add a photograph or not if would like.   My friend off line sends me 5 things she is grateful for. Faith Hope and Cherrytea is linking up with a  beautiful photograph each day. Some of us like poems, quotes whatever you want to do to show gratitude.   You can change it up from one day to the next if you wish. Feel free to jump in for one day or all the whole 40 days. There is no stress. Oh! Yeah, and  don’t forget to encourage others. We all love comments and nice words to each other.

Let’s inspire each other and share our love. Happy Lent Journey to you.

xoxo, Lisa

These are my thoughts from today:

1.) I am grateful this extra hour of sun light we are going to get today. Summer is coming!

2.) I’m grateful for those long Sunday talks my mom and I have. Sunday morning coffee just seems to taste better this way.

3.) I am so glad Mark and Matthew got to go fishing today. There is nothing like those Sunday father Son bonding days.

4.) I’m grateful Kathryn washed the dishes the third time 😉 I asked her and then she cleaned up the kitchen. AND I didn’t even ask her to.  She truly is a wonderful girl.

5.) I’m grateful Spring seems like it is finally here. I love these flowers.

Flower 3-10

6.) I am grateful my sisters live close by. It’s nice to know they are just a short drive away.

7.) I am grateful my brother is law cuts my mothers grass  every Friday in the summer, spring and fall. He truly is a wonderful man.

8.) I am grateful I have great loving  neighbors.

9.) I am grateful for the wonderful photography classes I have been taking from Lisa@the long road to china and back.  You can find her site here. I love the class so, so, much.

10.) I am grateful I received a message from my son Stephen today and I know he is okay.  He will be home from his mission trip on Tuesday. I tell you: I will be one happy momma when I see him.

That’s all for now. I hope you join me. There is something about a gratitude journal that just brightens your day.

Joining in with: A Holy Experience


Each day I will post a new linky – Feel free to jump as many times as you can or whenever your ready.

2 thoughts on “Lent . . . Day 6

  1. Lovely gratitude gifts – lovely flowers speaking “HOPE” for those of us buried yet under heaps of snow …
    ty for hosting and posting, Lisa ~
    Grateful to note Jacqui’s participation in this photo posting here and fb –
    liking the companionship on our journey


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