We got the phone call last night. But, Thank God they are okay.  That’s why I’m running late with my journal posting this morning.  AND  I have to call my mother before this goes on and let her know . . . They are all okay. The cars not but, it’s just a car.  I would have liked to have kept it but, it’s just a car. The only thing that really happened to them is Kathryn has a black eye and that is it. She was driving with her cousin, and her brother; long story short,  she went off the road and hit a tree.  But, like I said . . . They are all okay. Thank God.  

The last thing Mark said to me last night was: “You know Lisa, someone is watching out for us.” and I said, “Boy! Is that true. Thank God.”

March 12 2013 Black and White

And when I picked up my reading this morning this is what it said:

God allows trials to happen to move us to a better place. He does it to give us an increase and an improvement. The problem is that we treat trials as a problem not as an opportunity. We think that God came against us, when He came to help us.  

In every problem, there is an opportunity hidden by God for us.

and again, I’m amazed. And I’m grateful to have this Lent Journey.

Have a great day y’all.



If you would like to join in our Lent Journey we would love it.

1.) Even though the Stephen bomb went off in my house, I’m so glad he is home. He is so full of life, love and laughter. I hope he never changes.

2.) Even though Wednesdays are the days I run, run and run some more.   I love teaching my 2nd grade religious education class. I’m grateful for the children I teach. I love their happy faces and hugs when I walk through the door.

3.) I am grateful for Adam’s shy hug today as he said,  good bye Mrs. Advent.” “Thank you for teaching me today.” Those little comments make my Wednesday all the more meaning full.

4.) I am grateful Mark and I got to sit in quite tonight and talk about all all that ails us.

5.) I was grateful today when Stephen stayed over my mother’s. He is terribly sunburned from his trip. I was grateful she was able to keep a watchful on him while I was out.

March 12 2013 blooms 1

6.) I was grateful when Steve Wood called us today and told us about the healing Masses at St. Rofka on Wednesday nights.

7.) I was grateful all the kids went to the Mass with us tonight and Matthew knew all the responses even though this was a Maronite Mass.

8.) I’m grateful to the police officer who came for the call this morning. He was so nice. To the point but, so nice.

9.) Last but, not least. . . I am grateful all we have is a black eye. . . and everyone is okay. Thank God!

10.) and even though we are all upset . . . as my aunt says: “I’m grateful for what it isn’t.” Thank God!


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11 thoughts on “Lent Day 9 . . . and the phone call

  1. Praise The Lord that all are ok! I know that had to be frightening. God is so good and I’m glad that you feel His presence and peace. Again, I love your perspective. Last night I spent some time looking up verses on provision. It did my heart good to know that we have a big God who provides for us. Thank you for subtly challenging me to pull back and get more time with God this season.


  2. Very late tonite, so checking your post is a surprise to say the least!
    I am glad you are in God’s hands and your morning’s reading was God’s perfect gift !
    Thank you for sharing so my prayers are informed. Isn’t this an amazing journey ?

    Much Love,


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