I’m running late with my list today.


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I normally like to try to post the night before but, yesterday I couldn’t think straight . . . so I didn’t get it done, and now I’m late posting my 10. Keeping this Lent list of 10 things I am grateful for has caused me to think about what is good in my life rather then whine about what I wish was better. It’s empowering. I love it!

and this is where my readings lead me today.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me.” John 14:1

and again I say WOW!  my heart is light. Thank you for the encouragement and thank you even more the prayers.  You guys are amazing to me.

1.) I’m thankful for all the prayers and encouragement I receive from all of you. You’re the best!

2.) I’m thankful Mark is better today. Breathing makes so much difference in one’s day.

3.) I’m very grateful Stephen looks and feels better today. I didn’t tell you about the sunburn he received while in Guatemala. It was bad.

4.) I’m so grateful a friend of mine came over last night.  I just had the best time.

5.) I’m grateful my friend and I took our older girls to listen to Abbey Johnson. She is such a powerful speaker.

6.) I’m grateful our teenage girls would want to go and listen to Abbey speak. It’s one thing to hear these things from your mother but, to hear these things about the way of the word from some who knows – that’s something.

7.) I’m grateful to Abbey Johnson for helping to make the world a better place. I admire her bravery so very much.

8.) I’m grateful for the relationship I have with Mark. I love our talks. He helps me put so many things into perspective.

9.) again. . . I’m so very grateful to my mother the fixer.  She is the most generous, loving woman we will ever know. I don’t know what we would do without her.

10.) I’m grateful for this beautiful day.

I’m playing this beautiful Lenten game with a few friends:  one off line and one friend from Faith Hope and Cherrytea  – Some of us are keeping a list of  the things  we are grateful for and  posting a photograph. Some of us are just posting a photograph  or maybe posting a full post. . .  for 40 days. It seems to be an easy task.  As I do with many of my thoughts and treasures I think I’ll keep my list here. And, since I haven’t picked up my camera in weeks I want to post a new photo each day with that list.  Please play along – it’s a good thing.


7 thoughts on “Lent . . . Day 11 – It’s a beautiful day

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to leave you a comment and say that we have loved reading through your Lent diary…it’s so lovely to read such lovely words, especially reading what you’re grateful and thankful in life…it brings a smile to our faces!

    It’s made us smile so much that we’ve nominated your for the Liebster Love award! If you pop onto our blog and read the ‘Liebster Love’ post then it’ll give you all teh details and tell you what to do next 🙂

    -Laura and Scarlett x


  2. Hi Lisa, It is such a pleasure reading your postings during Lent and looking at all your beautiful photos. This one is amazing! I think next year I’ll try to do what you’re doing and include what I am grateful for. It’s such a positive thing to do. Thank you!


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