I’m totally digging black and white photos this week. This caught my eye lying there under the light so I grabbed my camera and shot it. It’s a beautiful rosary Stephen brought home from Guatemala.

cross and rosary

 “Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me.”  John 14:1

It’s funny I would pick this one today. There is so much going on in my life right now I’m so thankful to have my Catholic Faith to carry me through.  I  guess it’s no coincidence I  saw this rosary on the table just like this , under the light. We have them all over the place around here.

1.) I am grateful for the food we have in our bellies. Even though the kids complain there is noting to eat – we always find something and there is always enough.

2.) I am grateful everyone is home tonight safe and sound.

3.) I am grateful everyone gets along so nice in this house.  Yes, we have our ups and downs but, there is a great respect in this house. . . and it’s just so nice.

4.) I am grateful to my cousins who have heard about the happenings here and give me a phone call  just to let me know they are there for me.

5.) I’m grateful to Stephen for going to work with Mark today. He is such a blessing to us.

6.) I am grateful every time I hear Matthew’s voice when he calls just to say good night.

7) I am grateful for the encouragement the kids give me to get my school work done.

8.) It always makes my heart sing when someone tells me they liked a photograph I took.

9.) I am grateful for we have heat. It would be so cold here if we didn’t.

10.) I am grateful for Liz’s beautiful smile and the fact she got up at 6 this morning with me. I could get to my posting but, we had a great morning and really that’s what counts.

Join us we in our link up for the 40 days of Lent and stay focused on the positive: You can do this with a list of: the things you are grateful for, a photograph that makes your heart sing or a post. Keep it positive and loving and let’s support each other as we walk through the 40 days of lent and life.  Faith Hope and Cherrytea


2 thoughts on “Day 14. . . Lent

  1. lovely photo, Lisa – another fan of black & white here!
    mine’s [almost] that today. I’m sharing Christine V Paintner’s photo from vienna
    as it seemed to speak the scripture well..
    and a message I need to absorb…

    blessings on our days,from whatever tribe our God formed faith is founded…


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