Today is her birthday.  She is 17 and I can’t believe it.

Kathryn March 21, 14

1) I  love that of all the moms in the world I got to be her  mother.

2.) I love that I got to  homeschool her.

3.) I love her witty sense of humor.

4.) I love that she is giving.

5.) I love that she is smart.

6.) I love that she has common sense. I have seen so much growth this past year.

7.) I love that she will stand up for what is right.

8.) I love that she is respectful and kind but, never a pushover.

9.) I love that she sees the good in people . . . no matter what happens to her.

10.) I love that when she is wrong she says it.

and one more just because I know if she were to read this – she would say, “You didn’t mention my hair?”. . . I love her beautiful hair.

Join us we in our link up for the 40 days of Lent and stay focused on the positive: You can do this with a list of: the things you are grateful for, a photograph that makes your heart sing or a post. Keep it positive and loving Let’s support each other as we walk through the 40 days of lent and life.  If you would spread the word that would be wonderful. Just link up, and leave my blog address somewhere in your post.  I don’t have a fancy button . . . yet but, you can copy and past right here: the Lent Journey 

2 thoughts on “Lent Day 19 and a Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday 🙂

    I have just discovered your blog and I like the photos very much.
    Will visit more often and also share. Thank you for the invitation.
    Greetings from Germany


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