It’s day 22 and we are back to another Wednesday. I Think I told you Wednesday is my busier then a normal busy day. Wednesday is the day I hit the ground running. Which is probably the reason I didn’t get a photo today. I decided to cheat and share this photo. It’s a photo I took from our last big snow fall in February.  We don’t have many snow days here so this was truly a big event. It was a beautiful snow and only lasted a few days.

The farm down the street to post snow brightened

1.) I’m grateful for chocolate ice cream. . . and only taking a little bit.

2.) I’m grateful we were able to pay our power bill today.

3.) I’m grateful Liz had a good school day.

4.) I’m grateful- even though sometimes I think it would be easier –  Liz wants to help me with my schoolwork. She is the sweetest child.

5.) I am grateful when I see the kids I teach they stop me and are happy to see me.

6.) I’m grateful for Adam’s shy hug today. He always gives me a quick hug when he leaves class. He is my shyest student. He always hugs me as when he leaves for the day –  to me,  that’s the biggest complement h could give me.

7.) I’m grateful for the true laughter we shared in class today. The kids wanted to act out the story of Moses. They had so much fun just laughing.

8.) I’m grateful for hot tea at night. It’s the best.

9.) I love it when Kathryn just comes up to me to give me  a hug and says, “I love you mom. “

10.) I’m grateful Mark feels well. Thank God!

I’ll see you tomorrow !

xoxo, Lisa

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