My son the philosopher.

Matthew looking out B


1.) I’m grateful for quite,  peaceful days.

2.) I’m thankful Liz had such a great Math day.

3.) I’m grateful we all had dinner together tonight. Now that everyone is getting older this does not always happen.

4.) I’m grateful I got to homeschool my son the philosopher. Homeschooling all my children has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

5.) I’m grateful my photo class is going to be extended into the summer.  If you want to learn how your camera works go here and sign up. It’s such a great class and a great group of woman.

6.) I’m grateful Mark had work today.

7.) I’m grateful I get to go back to school.

8.) I’m grateful for Pesto. My family loves it so much when I make it.

9.) I’m grateful when my husband washes all the dinner dishes.

10.) I’m grateful I will have an early night tonight. I’m tired and ready for bed.

Thank you so much for joining me in our Lent Journey. There are only 16 days left. WOW! a little over two weeks.  Please join us we in our link up for the 40 days of Lent and stay focused on the positive: You can do this with a list of: the things you are grateful for, a photograph that makes your heart sing or a post. Keep it positive and loving Let’s support each other as we walk through the 40 days of lent and life.  If you would spread the word that would be wonderful. Just link up, and leave my blog address somewhere in your post.  I don’t have a fancy button . . . yet.  But, you can copy and past right here: the Lent Journey 


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