So yeah. . .

 the other day . . .  I got to go see the Phantom of the Opera.  

It was so fabulous!

It was so wonderful!

It was really SOOO amazing! 

The only thing wrong with it was. . . . 

Flower signed


I took my mother’s place because, she was sick. 


I know!

That kind of stinks.

Being happy because someone else is suffering. 

Bummer right?

So anyway, I told her it really was not that great, and she didn’t miss much.

BUT! Oh! It was AWESOME!!! 

Do me a little favor okay?

Let’s just keep this little talk between us. 


You’re the best!!! 



1.) I’m thankful Matthew takes Kathryn to class these days. 

2.) I’m so very thankful Mark tries so hard to keep us going. 

3.) I’m thankful for the hugs, and the I love yous that I receive from my kids each day. 

Little Things Thursday


the little things

So lately I have been counting my blessings more. I have been thinking about the little things that are so right in my life, and then all of a sudden – those little things easily turn into the big things that are just perfect . . . 

Kathryn 2 signed


1.) I am thankful Stephen went to work with his dad yesterday to help him. AND I am sure Mark and I have done absolutely  nothing to deserve such a great kids but here they are . . . and  we sure are thankful.

2.) I am thankful all the kids made it home safely last night from the concert.     Shuuuuu! 

3.) I’m thankful for the new to me dishwasher.  I had forgotten how much time a dishwasher could save a woman. WOW! 


Little Things Thursday

The Other Day

The other day she told me she was bored. 

Kathryn flowered head band 1968


So I said, “Do you know what would be totally cool to do?”  She said, “What?” and I said,  “take pictures“. 

and then I feel in love with this one


1.) I am grateful I have this daughter.  She is perfect for me.

2.) I am grateful for quite afternoons and a summer breeze.

3.) I am grateful for a fun day at the park with friends.

 Our World Tuesday  Wednesday Around the World


music to my ears

I love the sound of a saw running outside my kitchen door. Mark’s working on fence posts again. That sound always brings me back to my childhood, and of course my father, always building.

Kathryn playing the guitar

Such sweet memories.

I love the sounds of the lawn mower running – Stephen cutting the grass.

I love the sounds of the vacuum cleaner running – Kathryn’s cleaning her room

I love the washing machine running ~ swish, swish, swish

and most of all Liz’s laughter – I hear her outside playing with Matthew – giggling away.


She listens to the Frozen sound track everyday.

Frozen 2

I know all the words to all the songs.

Frozen 1

 Oh! Yeah!

1.) I”m so very grateful Stephen went with me yesterday while I did all my running around.  I had him all alone – all afternoon. . . no phones, no computers, no interruptions. It was wonderful!

2.) I’m grateful the kids are in the kitchen baking. I love to listen to the slow whir  of the kitchen  aid, the chatter of teenagers and the smell chocolate coming from the kitchen. 

3.) and last but not least today, I am grateful I have a seven year old girl and I know all the words to the Frozen CD.


When I grow up. . .

When I grow up I want to be one of those people who live in the moment.  One of those people who are not afraid other people will see:  I have dirty dishes in the sink,  nicks in my cabinets and the walls .  . . gee let’s not talk about the walls.

Strawberries in black and whitemy life is messy 


But really . . . It’s all perspective.  

1.) I am thankful my oldest son is home for the summer. And even though it looks like a bomb went off in my house again. . . I’m thankful we have spent the morning talking

2.) I love listening to a soft rain early in the morning – especially when I don’t have to go anywhere. 

3.) Honestly, I just love rainy days. 

4.) I am thankful Kathryn is cleaning the kitchen and I didn’t even ask her to.  My girl is growing up. 

5.) I am thankful that even though my son’s are now smarter then I am, they still think I know what what they talking about. 

6.) I am grateful for loving messages from my much loved Auntie . . . she is such an encouragement to me. 


Have a beautiful day y’all! 


Little Things Thursday




Liz and I picked up some roses for the Best Nana the other day. . .

20140511_6867 copy

We got the roses home, put them in water and my sweet girl says, “Mommy! These roses are bad!”  “Why?” “What happened to them? ”  I asked.   “Look! They have thorns!” and I smiled at her, and told her they are not bad roses – roses have thorns to help them survive. The thorns keep the wild animals from eating the plants.” 


Sometimes in  life there are thorns, even on the prettiest of flowers.  So we have to keep our heads up and stay strong to keep the wild animals from eating us. 

So I’m following Ann Voskamp advice – I’m  listing three things a day. . .  

Even I can do that. 

1.) a slow week. . . Kathryn’s out of school, I’m out of school. I’m thankful we have a week to unwind. 

2.) our wedding rings. . . they are simple, gold and eternal 

3.) I am grateful when my bed is made. I walk in and see a pretty room. Helps me take deep breath and keep things in prospective. 

4.) I am grateful my oldest son is finished with his third year of college – school has ended and he is on his way home for the summer.  He makes his momma very proud.  

5.) I am looking forward to all my children sleeping in their beds tonight. Everyone will be home . . . together. I love it when that happens. 

6.) I’m grateful for the gift of persistence.  .  . fortitude . . . always plugging away. 

Oh! Gee, that’s six 

I’ll see you tomorrow then.


Wednesday Around the World

Someone reminded . . .

This is going to be First Communion Photo week:



I took a lot of photo.

Someone reminded me about my list of gratitude the other day. They told me how much they loved it and started to do it too.  And then I remember how empowering it was for me. I feel the need to get back to that. . . at least once a week.  It should be a habit for me.  I hope you’ll join me – It’s so much fun doing it together.  I think I’ll start this Sunday. What better way to start a new week then remembering how great the last week was. I have learned there is always something to be grateful for.

Until Next time. . .


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