Because I haven’t been posting or photographing much lately, someone suggested I take my camera out for a twenty minute walk each day.  

Weeds from our walk April 25


 I liked the idea so much I’m trying to do it.  Well, maybe I don’t get to it everyday but, I’m trying to find the balance. . . 


Working in the grass 

When I go – of course, a walk would not be the same without my girl.  



 We walk, and talk . . .and photograph. . .  each in our own way. 


 What a simple but GREAT  idea. . . Thanks Rhys Jones!!! 


Little by Little

4 thoughts on “looking for the balance

  1. That is a wonderful way to stay creative and inspired. It’s also hard some days to do it! Congrats on making the time for it. These images are so fun! Thank you for sharing with LTT today! I’m always glad to have you!


  2. That is such a great idea. I haven’t been getting out as much as normal these days either, but I try to at least get out every couple of days. Beautiful photos!


  3. Ahh yes, I try to go out for a walk everyday. I don’t always manage it but when I do I always take my camera. It is a great way of seeing the world. I think with a camera in hand you look more and see more



  4. Very sweet photos!! I’m glad to see some children are still drawing on paper. Most of them draw on tablets nowadays. My girls love to draw and color traditionally too. 🙂


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