Liz and I picked up some roses for the Best Nana the other day. . .

20140511_6867 copy

We got the roses home, put them in water and my sweet girl says, “Mommy! These roses are bad!”  “Why?” “What happened to them? ”  I asked.   “Look! They have thorns!” and I smiled at her, and told her they are not bad roses – roses have thorns to help them survive. The thorns keep the wild animals from eating the plants.” 


Sometimes in  life there are thorns, even on the prettiest of flowers.  So we have to keep our heads up and stay strong to keep the wild animals from eating us. 

So I’m following Ann Voskamp advice – I’m  listing three things a day. . .  

Even I can do that. 

1.) a slow week. . . Kathryn’s out of school, I’m out of school. I’m thankful we have a week to unwind. 

2.) our wedding rings. . . they are simple, gold and eternal 

3.) I am grateful when my bed is made. I walk in and see a pretty room. Helps me take deep breath and keep things in prospective. 

4.) I am grateful my oldest son is finished with his third year of college – school has ended and he is on his way home for the summer.  He makes his momma very proud.  

5.) I am looking forward to all my children sleeping in their beds tonight. Everyone will be home . . . together. I love it when that happens. 

6.) I’m grateful for the gift of persistence.  .  . fortitude . . . always plugging away. 

Oh! Gee, that’s six 

I’ll see you tomorrow then.


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