I love the sound of a saw running outside my kitchen door. Mark’s working on fence posts again. That sound always brings me back to my childhood, and of course my father, always building.

Kathryn playing the guitar

Such sweet memories.

I love the sounds of the lawn mower running – Stephen cutting the grass.

I love the sounds of the vacuum cleaner running – Kathryn’s cleaning her room

I love the washing machine running ~ swish, swish, swish

and most of all Liz’s laughter – I hear her outside playing with Matthew – giggling away.


2 thoughts on “music to my ears

  1. What a neat way to look at sounds. I tend to like “peace & quiet” and often find myself annoyed by things like lawn mowers, vacuums and water running etc…so maybe if I looked at them more as blessings instead of annoyances they wouldn’t bother me as much.


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