the other day . . .  I got to go see the Phantom of the Opera.  

It was so fabulous!

It was so wonderful!

It was really SOOO amazing! 

The only thing wrong with it was. . . . 

Flower signed


I took my mother’s place because, she was sick. 


I know!

That kind of stinks.

Being happy because someone else is suffering. 

Bummer right?

So anyway, I told her it really was not that great, and she didn’t miss much.

BUT! Oh! It was AWESOME!!! 

Do me a little favor okay?

Let’s just keep this little talk between us. 


You’re the best!!! 



1.) I’m thankful Matthew takes Kathryn to class these days. 

2.) I’m so very thankful Mark tries so hard to keep us going. 

3.) I’m thankful for the hugs, and the I love yous that I receive from my kids each day. 

Little Things Thursday



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