I know I have told you I have been taking this photography class over at Lisa’s Long Road to China and back, right? 


Anyway, this week she wanted us to create a magical and mystical photo. 

Kathryn and the poisen apple edited

This project sent my mind racing. I didn’t know where I was going with it at all.

Until . . .

 I saw a dress I have had since I was 19 years old hanging in my closet.

This dress was beautiful then and it’s beautiful now. ((So it’s only like two years old. Okay?)) It’s one of those timeless dresses that you could just wear forever. It has two kinds of lace on it: an almost crocheted laced top, and the bottom is just lace. The kind of lace we know as lace.   It’s tea length, and puffy, and just wonderful.

That’s when it it hit me.

I’ll put my Kathryn in that dress with an apple and take her photograph. 

I’ll make the image magical some how. 

So,  I went shopping for the perfect piece of fruit,  convinced Kathryn she would love that old  nearly new dress. The dress I had before she was born. Dug out my red lipstick and again begged her to play with me. 

In the end she said,   “You know Mom? That was fun!” and I said. “Really?” and she said, “Really!” and I said “Yay!!!” 


1.) I a m thankful I get to take this online photography class. I love it so much! 

2.) I am thankful even though Kathryn did not want to play with me – she did AND she like it!  

3.) I am thankful we have air condition in this hot Southern climate.  


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4 thoughts on “like magic

    1. Oh! Melody! Take it as soon as you can. She has several through out the year. Send her an email – I bet she would be happy to put you on mailing list so you can sign up. Her classes fill up fast. Thanks so much for liking my shot!


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