Today is my 23 wedding anniversary.

lace flower

I remember when I got married, an older cousin said to me: “ You think you love him now? Just wait, it get’s better.” and I thought – how could I possibly love him more then now? Part of me couldn’t wait. . . part of me doubted her.

I mean after all, what would she know about love and life – she was older and had  been married like  forever.

I was in my 20’s.  

I knew everything.  

I was getting married. 

I think back on that and laugh at myself,  23 years later, I’m still in my 20’s but, now there is a big difference:

I know only one thing now.  

She was right!

and I’m blown away. 


1.) I’m thankful today is Father’s day . . . and I have a reason to celebrate.  Even though my father is not here physically – He is always with us.

2.) I am thankful for 23 years with Mark.

3.) I am thankful he works so hard to keep our family going.

5 thoughts on “23 years and counting. . .

  1. Hi I just found you from Wednesday Around the World. Your photos are really lovely and I really like your logo! Congratulations on 23 years of marriage! That’s a real accomplishment. I’m at nine years with my husband 🙂


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