I was going to write about something else tonight but,  I saw this image of my girl and thought: ” Oh! Yeah! I wanted to show you this, and I forgot.” 

Kathryn in Black and White with texture

Kathryn tells me she doesn’t like the photo  at all but . . .  I do.  

So there! 

Now it’s up , and you can see it.

There are a lot of things going on around here. Many things I will share with you soon. But, not tonight. 

One thing I can tell you is – I’m still keeping my list of gratitude.

I haven’t shared that list with you because time keeps on getting in my way.  I shouldn’t let it though.    I’m making a promise to us tonight to do a better job here on this blog. I love this blog and I don’t want to let it slip it away.  

So back to my list of things that make my heart sing and make me feel so very grateful. 


1.) I am grateful Patrick made dinner tonight. Out of the blue he called and said, “I want to cook dinner for us all tonight.” and it was really good. 

2.) I saw Gladiolas growing on the side of the road today. They made me laugh and smile and remember the time we planted 500 bulbs for my father and only a few came up the following year.  I can’t see a Glad and not smile a real joyful smile – EVER! Just seeing them is like gifts to me.  My favorite thing in the summer time is to have Glads in the house.  Note to self: buy Gladiolas

3.) I am grateful Danial is such a good friend to Matthew.  He needs someone to really talk to right now. Danial is someone who really listens. He doesn’t try to out do, or make a person feel better with words.  It’s a true gift to really listen, and be a good friend.  It’s a true gift to have a good friend.

4.) I cracked an egg with two yolks today, and even though I felt silly – I was amazed. . . and because I was so amazed I thought, WOW! What a gift to receive so much joy from to yolks.  So I wrote it down and felt silly again. I wondered . . . if I wasn’t keeping this journal would I have even noticed?

5.) I am eternally grateful for the “Best Nana Ever”. She is much to good to us . . . way better then we deserve. Shhhhh let’s not tell her. What she doesn’t know wont hurt her.  That is what I always say.

6.) I know I have said I am grateful for spell check . . . I really AM! I love spell check.

Until tomorrow then,


Lisa Alida

Wednesday Around the World

4 thoughts on “July 1

  1. I think it is a beautiful image, she looks strong and determined. Oh and today I was grateful for my wonderful hubby who is stripping and repainting all the woodwork around our front door. It is a horrible job and he seems utterly dedicated to doing it!



    1. Yay! for wonderful husbands!!! I know the door will be beautiful!

      So glad you liked my image. You nailed my daughter right on the head. – strong and determined 🙂


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