These Black Eyed Susans were growing on the side of the road. 

Black eye susan 2

The light was just perfect I couldn’t stop myself. I pulled over quick, grabbed my camera and jumped out of the car. 

Black eye susan 3

The kids were laughing at me saying, “Mom, you have got to be kidding.”

No! I have to get a shot of these flowers I said. . .  Look at the light! Can’t you see that yummy light? 

and they said,

Uhhh, alrightie. . . I guess? 

Yummy light???
Black eye susanGee,

Kids these days. . . 


1.) The beautiful sky last night as the sun was setting.

2.) I am grateful Liz got to go out for the day bowling. She had such a wonderful time, and came home full of excitement.

3.) I am grateful for the photography friends I am developing on line. They are so supportive and encouraging . It’s so much fun.

4.) I am grateful for a goodnight sleep

5.) I am grateful flowers on the side of the road.

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11 thoughts on “The Black Eyed Susans

  1. Beautiful, Lisa!! Actually I haven’t seen any Black Eyed Susan’s yet this year, and yes, I love the car rides … the yummy light … and my sweet hubby rolling his eyes when I want to stop for ‘another’ photo, or two, along the side of the road!! Those brown eyes seem to say … ‘seriously…again’!! lol! He loves me in spite of my passion for those spontaneous stops … I figure it gives him time to enjoy the little things in life, too! Have to say, you do inspire me to share some of my captured treasures, my friend! I’ve got quite a few since my last post here … uh, say in December!! It was titled … ‘silent night’! Well, I have to say it’s been pretty silent over there for more than a night … yes, I must break the silence!! I’m going to post again, very soon! 🙂 xo


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