Just so you know: 

Hello Liz

 Tomorrow is someone’s birthday.

I don’t want to unveil who this special someone is yet so I’m not saying a word.

If you guess 

well then, you must be very smart! 


1000 gifts

191.) Kathryn went shopping with me for the big birthday. We talked, laughed and really had a wonderful night.

192.) The beautiful sunsets in South Carolina

193.) my run today – even though I went late – it was such a beautiful day nice and breezy. The wind cooled me off as I ran- it didn’t help my speed but. . .that’s another day.

194.) Dinner at a good friends house – it was just a perfect night.

195.) Fireflies

Sunday in My City

7 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday to your someone special who has the most beautiful blue eyes, I might add!!! That photo is picture perfect, my friend! Hope she had a more than blessed birthday! Our son’s birthday (his 30th) was on July 12th. Yep, I’m beginning to feel ‘old–er’ now! xo


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