I woke early this morning ready to start the new day, and then. . .  Coffe cup AI discovered I was out of coffee.  

Instead of crying and going back to bed –

I was brave, 

and drove my cup to Dunkin Donuts.


1001 Gifts

201.)  blooming Hydrangeas.

202.) dragon fly landing in the light . . . even though I couldn’t capture it on camera, it was beautiful.

203.) spontaneous picnic in the park with Kathryn yesterday. . . wind blowing keeping us cool – music played softly on the phone – shade under trees just right.

204.) my fisherman husband always trying his best

 Our World Tuesday


3 thoughts on “cup o joe

  1. Well, my friend … desperate times do call for desperate measures!! I have come to the conclusion, at least on certain days, that I quite possibly might not survive without my early morning cup o joe!! Lol! Love your new logo, and this photo, Lisa … also the mental pictures your gift list brings to my mind as I’ve been catching up and reading through them! xo


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