I was waiting to get my hair done the other day:  feeling rushed, overwhelmed and impatient. Thinking I really didn’t have time for this – pretending everything was okay.  I had a list of things to do and I had to get back to do them. 

It’s my turn – I get into her chair . . . 

 that’s where I saw it

on her mirror  – words written  in chicken scratch, on notebook paper –  quickly ripped out and frayed – taped to her mirror.    When she walked away I leaned in closer to read them. 

looking over the pop

You is smart. . . 

You is beautiful. . . 

You is important. 

That’s what it said. 

Words that stopped me in my tracks. 

Stopped me to think. To remind me . . .” I is important”  . . . and all those things could wait. 

So I sighed a sigh of relief:  sat back, memorized the words, 

and I wonder why we as woman forget that sometimes.  


1001 gifts

205.) everyone tucked safely. . .  soundly  in for the night

206.) daily bread we are given each day

207.) rain pounding as I lay safe in bed

208.) my fisherman husband extending his hand for me to hold

209.) my son the philosopher and the other son with the big body, big heart, big dreams – helping – always helping their dad

210.) new friends for the girl who loves everyone

Wednesday Around the World /  Little things Thursday

11 thoughts on “I is. . .

  1. I’m glad you took the words in and let yourself relax in the chair. Yes, taking care of yourself restores the soul to keep on serving.


  2. We forget because our heads are full of ‘to do’ stuff. It is good to get a reminder now and then though to help put things into perspective



  3. Love this, Lisa! Just makes me think how very much we miss in the little things …. and all right in front of our nose! So glad you didn’t miss this blessing, my friend! Certainly does put things into perspective, doesn’t it! We strive so much as women and in the midst we can so easily forget just how important “I” is!

    God’s been dealing with me and my ‘stress level’ lately … He tells me I’m on the wrong floor and to get off and find rest in Him! Praying you’ll have a stress-less week, my friend … I know it’s not always easy with a busy schedule, but take some time every day for just you and Him … that’s where I find my strength and energy to put others first and move on through all the things that we women know are needful to those we love and care about! xo

    P.S. love reading your 1001 gifts list … I’ve started a grateful journal, myself. We have so much to be thankful for … even the smallest things become big when we’re thankful for them! 🙂


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