The Fisherman and I drove our philosopher son to Atlanta today.  He is off to study about all things Economic and Liberty at the Von Mises Institute  with his law student friend.  Our philosopher son has been going to the Von Mises Institute for three or maybe four years now.

I remember the first time I drove him to Atlanta to catch that first bus to Auburn and the Von Mises Institute: 

I remember, later that day he called to tell me how things were going for him at that time. I remember, he told me he was the youngest on the bus that day.  I noticed “that” when he climbed into that big gray hound. I noticed how all the other men had facial hair, and how my baby faced son looked so young and small next to them. When our philosopher son got to the lecture that year, he called again and told me he was a little uncomfortable  because he was the youngest student. 

That made me nerves and uneasy, and I told him I would drive to Auburn to pick him up if he wanted me to. 

 “No, I want to stay Mom” He said, and then he told me about all the important people he would be meeting, the classes he was looking forward to taking,  and he was very,  very excited about the whole thing. 

July 10 Flowers Stamped

So now, three, maybe four years have gone by and our philosopher son is still going to Auburn to the Von Mises Institute wide eyed and eager  to learn, and to study about all things Economic and Liberty.  He encourages friends  who want to be lawyers and professors to go with him and, they do. When he is with these friends they talk about all things economics, Liberty and justice.  At times it’s hard to keep up and to understand just what they are saying.


if you didn’t know any better,

you might mistake our son the philosopher to be our son the economist.  But, he’s not, he’s a philosopher. . . he says. 


1001 gifts

211.) giggles from the girl who loves everyone

212.) safe arrivals and departures

213.) baby deer running into the woods during my morning run

214.) flowers I have never seen before on the side of the road. . . they looked like lily vines.

215.) presents from my momma – she’s so good to me.

Playing along with: The Good The Random The Fun / Our Wold Tuesday


4 thoughts on “the philosopher

  1. Oh my friend, it’s been far, far too long! So much I’ve missed of your life that is so lovingly written here on your blog … I’m working at catching up! I also have every intention of answering your email you had sent to me in June, so keep an eye open for that! 🙂

    As for this post, you must be so very proud of your son and how far he’s come and how he has grown since that first day away at the institute! Sounds like your ‘philosopher’ is going to go far! I’m seeing how far you’ve come, too, and how much you have grown in your gift of photography, Lisa! This is absolutely beautiful! I see you are also participating in another photo meme over on Random-osity … I’ll give that one a look-see and maybe get motivated in sharing more again … I’ve missed it so, and I’ve missed you! You’ve been on my heart and I finally found some time to get on here … we’ve had a lot going on that I’ll share with you soon. Praying all is well with you, my friend! I’ll be in touch! xo


  2. I hope that your son is learning “truth” at the Von Mises Institute. So many of our institutions of education have taken to teaching propaganda to sway our youth into thnking that may well not be to there benefit down the road. He sounds brilliant and committed and I wish him well … I hope he will be instramental in forming our future in ways that all can benefit from, economically speaking. And, I cannot forget to comment on the beauty of your Zinnia photo … it seems to exude peace.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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