I totally can’t get enough of these freckles on this girl. . .

Liz with Freckles

or those dancing eyes. 


1001 Gifts

226.) catching a glimpse of the past in the very young neighbor boys as the two brothers huddled around a treasure found in green grass. . . brought back memories of  my two from not so long ago

227.) the sunset last night. . . red orange sky sinking into deep blue clouds

228.) a day off from daily responsibilities outside of the house

229.) work for my fisherman husband who wears a plumbers hat most of the time

230.) Sundays – day of rest and time to soak up the sun

Playing along with: The Good The Random The Fun / Our Wold Tuesday

5 thoughts on “freckles

  1. She is precious!! Her smile makes me smile, and those eyes tell just how happy she is! This is an amazing portrait, Lisa! Love how the wind is blowing her hair, too … and those freckles, well, it’s a little known secret, but I ALWAYS wanted to have a few of my own when I was younger … wouldn’t be so bad to have them now, either! 🙂 Good job, my friend!! xo


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