our lesson is patience . . .

So apparently  heart transplants are pretty involved and being on a heart transplant listing is a tricky business. You don’t just walk up to a counter and say, “I’ll take one strong heart please.”  even if it very apparent that the heart you are using is failing. 

whtie flower pool background

So here is the news for today. The Fisherman’s “numbers are up”, and he can breath. What does that mean? That means his blood count is up, and his lungs are not retaining as much fluid today.  He is breathing better. . .  today. And it’s always a good day when you can breath better.

Does that mean he is getting better today?


No it doesn’t  but, it is a good day when one can breath. 

Now we wait some more, and the business of heart transplants becomes a lesson in patience.  

 and I hope and I pray we studied enough and we pass.



1001 gifts

249.) the warm, and delicious dinner my sister sent our way tonight – she even thought of dessert

250.) the late night coffee with my BFF – yeah

251.) hearing strength in my husbands voice today. . . that should count as about 100 gifts

252.) text messages of “how are you mom?” from my sons as they hold down their end of our fort

253.) the response of much smarter people then I am who want to help, and know what to do

254.) so many loving messages of love and strength from so many loving people

255.) sleeping with my very own pillow

256.) bedtime stories from my 8 year old

Our Heart Failure

I read one day that Foxglove was used to cure  heart failure, right then and there I thought I would plant it in every nook and cranny around my house.  But, I didn’t . . . and now I think maybe I should have.

Flower for your heart failure

So here’s the story: My fisherman husband has heart failure. I didn’t want to tell you because we are self employed, and even though prayers are wonderful and very much needed, no one,NO ONE at all wants to hire a plumber they are afraid will die under their sink. So we kept it quiet . . . because we had to put food on the table, keep the roof over our heads and pay the light bill.  Prayers are wonderful but they don’t pay the light bill. Unless of course your praying for work and then prayers pay the light bill.

Three years ago he was diagnosed with CHF. I kept asking the doctors what does CHF mean?  I couldn’t remember the words Congestive Heart Failure all together like that. Sometimes it was the word failure that gave me the most trouble. It was all such a blur.  I was so confused and kept saying things like,  “what does the H stand for?”

So we changed our diet, he received a defibrillator/pacemaker and we were good.

Most of the time. . . he was good.  “For now” as we said.

This month he even got the thumbs up by the Heart Failure specialist . . . so we were good.

All that changed August 15th, and he just wasn’t good anymore.

In fact he was terrible.

It was down right scary.

Even our hospital,  Greenville Memorial, thought he was scary – so they sent him, by Ambulance, to Emory in Atlanta…and so I followed.

When I walked into the dark ICU room he gave me a big thumbs down. . .   I knew then we were in trouble.

11 days later there is much talk about a long term stay at Emory in Atlanta and, are you ready for this. . .  Heart Transplant.

My Fisherman husband is still in the hospital in  ICU with a team of doctors working and planning for his future. . . for our future.

We will know more tomorrow but, today the plan is to wait.

Wait for the doctors to decide where he falls, and if he is to be listed on the much-wanted heart transplant list.

Even though he is sick, he is healthy . . . he never had a heart attack, he never had clogged arteries, he is not over weight . . . no red flag “heart issues” were ever raised.  The doctors say this heart condition must have come from a virus but, we just don’t know.

And we thank God he never abused his body with drugs, alcohol or anything that would cause heart trouble.

Tomorrow we will know more.

Tomorrow I will tell you more.

Love, Lisa 

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1001 Gifts

242.) all the ladies calling me Baby at the Emory hospital. “Do you want room for cream in your coffee Baby?”  Each time these simple words made me feel hugged

243.) a lady bought me a cookie – I couldn’t believe her kindness. I said, “Wow! Those cookies look yummy.” She says, “Baby, I”m buying you a cookie.” “That’s what I do. I share and you look like you need a hug.” and I did.

244.) the care my husband is receiving from the hospital staff. . . Thank God he is such good care.

245.) the love and support I have received from family and friends. . . it’s been over whelming. Keeping us strong  – keeping us going – keeping us looking up.

246.) Our Priest came to visit. . . all the way from Greenville to Atlanta -3.5 hours away. I can’t tell you how much this meant to all of us. Unbelievable joy!

247.) my kids staying strong. . . doing what they are suppose to do. Going to school, working hard, staying focused.

248.) the care my youngest received while I have been at my husbands side. What would I have done without my family to drop her off to and run. . . knowing she was safe and loved.


How could I?

I just realized: 

ice cream with just smile

I totally forgot to show you these photos 

Ice cream eyes bigger then her stomach

of hot fudge Sundays in the Best Nana’s pretty gold dish. 

” Save the earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.

238.) Hot showers

239.) Clean water

240.) the color orange

241.) the girl with down syndrome I meet in the elevator – she was filled with joy

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July 30 with brighter textures

 “Curiouser and Curiouser!”   cried Alice

Alice and Wonderland

1001 Gifts:

231.) playing math games with Liz – she’s catching on so fast.

232.) breakfast surprise for me today

233.) photos my philosopher son  shared all day

234.) hugs and kisses on the forehead from my son – the one who towers over me

235.) Spell check – always spell check for this dyslexic girl.

236.) Work for Mark

237.) rainy days and I get to stay home (warm, dry and cozy – how I love these days.

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