July 30 with brighter textures

 “Curiouser and Curiouser!”   cried Alice

Alice and Wonderland

1001 Gifts:

231.) playing math games with Liz – she’s catching on so fast.

232.) breakfast surprise for me today

233.) photos my philosopher son  shared all day

234.) hugs and kisses on the forehead from my son – the one who towers over me

235.) Spell check – always spell check for this dyslexic girl.

236.) Work for Mark

237.) rainy days and I get to stay home (warm, dry and cozy – how I love these days.

Kim Klassen dot Com


Texture by Kim Klassen


7 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. I love butterflies. Great capture. The son that towers over you? Mine is home for the weekend. Love to hug him as he rests his cheek on the top of my head. The youngest is going to be taller than me, too, in a few years.


    1. Yes, the one that towers over me. . . that son is 6’7″ – I am 5’9″ – he comes up to me often: tucks me under his arm and kisses me on the head. It always makes me smile, and melts my heart. 🙂


  2. Hello sweet friend! I don’t know if you’ve gotten my email …. sent it on July 30th and I just wanted you to know it’s there when you get some time! I’ve been posting over on my Blogger account the past two weeks in Kim’s Texture Tuesday linkup … it feels good to be posting again. I saw your comment on Roxi’s entry and thought I’d pop over here and see you! I’ve been wanting to get in on Kim’s Friday Finds linkup, too. I also shared these with you in that email I sent! 🙂 So glad you’ve discovered her linkups … she is such an inspiration!

    This is an amazing capture, Lisa! We have a wonderful butterfly garden here that I’m wanting to visit very soon. Hope I get good images like this! Love that your sharing your 1001 Gifts, too … about #232 – was it by chance your birthday? 🙂 If so, I’m so sorry I missed it. Come on over to my Blogger … I’ve linked that address here to this comment for you. Hope to ‘see’ you soon, my friend! xo


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