So apparently  heart transplants are pretty involved and being on a heart transplant listing is a tricky business. You don’t just walk up to a counter and say, “I’ll take one strong heart please.”  even if it very apparent that the heart you are using is failing. 

whtie flower pool background

So here is the news for today. The Fisherman’s “numbers are up”, and he can breath. What does that mean? That means his blood count is up, and his lungs are not retaining as much fluid today.  He is breathing better. . .  today. And it’s always a good day when you can breath better.

Does that mean he is getting better today?


No it doesn’t  but, it is a good day when one can breath. 

Now we wait some more, and the business of heart transplants becomes a lesson in patience.  

 and I hope and I pray we studied enough and we pass.



1001 gifts

249.) the warm, and delicious dinner my sister sent our way tonight – she even thought of dessert

250.) the late night coffee with my BFF – yeah

251.) hearing strength in my husbands voice today. . . that should count as about 100 gifts

252.) text messages of “how are you mom?” from my sons as they hold down their end of our fort

253.) the response of much smarter people then I am who want to help, and know what to do

254.) so many loving messages of love and strength from so many loving people

255.) sleeping with my very own pillow

256.) bedtime stories from my 8 year old

6 thoughts on “our lesson is patience . . .

  1. Oh my sweet friend! If you see this, please let me know how Mark is doing … how you are doing?! You’ve been on my mind and in my prayers! We’ve had a death in our family … reason for my not being in touch lately! If you still have my email address, PLEASE write and I’ll get right back to you! Let me know here, too, that you saw this! Missing you, my friend!! ((Hugs and prayers)) xo


    1. Dear Deborah,

      We are good! Mark had a heart transplant August 30th. Thank God too! because after the transplant I learn just how critical he was. It has all been a whirlwind. I”ll be posting about it soon. On top of all the chaos my dog had puppies two days ago. Life never stops. I’ll be writing soon. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we are still here and on the road to a very long recovery. THANK GOD!

      I’m so sorry to hear about the death in your family.

      Much Love Deborah!!!


      1. I left a note on your most recent post just before I saw this reply, Lisa! Just want you to know I did see it and am so glad you haven’t forgotten me! My hubby and I are praying for Mark, and for you all, and will continue to do so, my friend! Please stay in touch!!! I’ll be keeping a close eye out for your posts here, too! I am just so, so sorry I haven’t been by sooner … so very sorry!! 😦 xoxo


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