the whole picture

I  think I have fallen off my photo groove. I haven’t picked up my camera in so long I’m afraid I  have forgotten how to use it. Every time I take a shot I see so much wrong with the picture.  My settings seem to be off every time. 

 It’s to dark

It’s to bright 

I miss my mark

My mind is going in a 1000 different directions 

matthew by the lake B

It’s true, these past years have been hard on us, and there is no denying there are more hard times to come. I hold my breath, and clinch my teeth when I think about it. 


But  then I stop, take a deep breath and look at the whole picture. . . It’s been the best year of our lives.  So much has happened that makes everything so right.  All those things that have happened – all those things that will happen – that may happen –  just don’t seem to matter to us as much today.  This is our life. It’s not picture perfect. It’s messy.  It’s ours. 

Our son the philosopher came home last week.


It was a very good week.

We took a day to go apple picking . . . all of us together.

We lived a little,

and didn’t worry about a thing.

When we got to the apple farm we didn’t find  apples on the trees.

They were already in the bins . . . all ready picked. 


We didn’t care  . . . 

We were together, 

and all of us knew it. 

We were together laughing,  having fun, being a family 


We took one of those bad family photos were everyone is not ready . 

But, again . . . that perfect picture just was not important. 

We enjoyed the day.

We enjoyed each other.

And as fitting as it was for us 

apple blossoms

we found apple blossoms

in late October. 

The girl who loves everyone said . . . “it was the best day ever”.

 and it was


The philosopher went back to school yesterday Matthew by the lake

I already miss him. 


the Fisherman and I are headed back to Atlanta 

for more testing. 


The girl who loves everyone said, “Already? You have to go back to Atlanta already?

and the girl who loves music said . . . “It’s okay. Mom and Dad have to do this to help get Dad healthy again.  We will have fun together. “

Kathryn Liz Hendersonville October 2014 apple picking

and they will 


I continue to count my blessings thanking God always

1001 gifts:

283.) the sound of tennis shoes in the dryer tumbling, tumbling, tumbling

284.) talks with the best Nana by the fire

285.) surprise visits

286.) the cards, letters and prayers

287.) girls laughing

288.) loving touches

289.) amazing skies in October

heart to heart

She says she like this shirt because of the heart. It reminds her of her dad and his new heart.  She tells me when he is feeling better they are going to “do lots of fun stuff together” and she can’t wait. 


Liz in the grass signed


I think of things all the time now I would like to say to our donor and his family.  Sometimes “Thank you”  just does not seem to be enough.  And then, I listen to her plans, and I think: Sometimes there are just no words 

and a simple thank you is all I have.  

St. John Paul said, “the mouth speaks to the ears, but the heart – speaks to the heart.  

I continue to count my blessings thanking God always and marveling how the ‘Eucharisteo  always precedes the miracle.’


1001 gifts:

276.) the slow walk I took with my fisherman husband: cool winds blowing, legs pumping, hearts beating

277.) the philosophers home

278.) everyone sleeping under the same roof again

279.) Steviewonder working so hard on everything

280.) the prayers – thank God for the prayers!

281.) quite mornings at home

282.) coffee out of a glass coffee cup

Little Things Thursday

headed back

We are headed back to the Mason house and Emory tonight for another biopsy and more early morning testing. 

Always checking for rejection will become part of our lives. . . has become part of our lives. 

And we’re grateful for the ride to Atlanta – this time together – holding our breath for another “O”


This also means, I wont be able to write to you until at least the end of the week.  

And then I’ll tell you more about the time my Fisherman husband had a heart transplant and we held our breath for more then three years

Love, Lisa 


1001 gifts

269.) unexpected hugs from nephews

270.) pounding sound of pouring rain

271.) the daughter happy to see me after a spend the night bonfire

272.) beautiful messages of love from family and friends

273.) a surprise hug from a sister in law

274.) calls checking on us from our  son’s friend. . . I can’t believe this young man loves us so much

275.) an accidental bump in conversation with my husband Cardiologist – he was just delighted to hear our news

the waiting. . .

August 30, we waited the whole day,  and held our breath ~ until that very night after transplant.  That’s when I followed the Fisherman’s nurse into ICU.  I saw him there with tubes everywhere: helping to breath, helping our new heart to beat, helping fluid drain, helping to stay alive,

and it struck me

This fisherman husband of mine was truly my hero.

I knew right then and there what I have have always suspected

He is my strength.

He is my heart beat. . . my Superman. 

berries October 10 2014

And I was overcome with the love it all took to give such a gift: that gift of life – when one can’t live anymore but, keeps on giving. 

I was overcome with the love our donor must have had for his own family.

The love his family must have had for our donor. How our donor was a person, a real live person with a beating heart. Now beating inside my husband.  

and I was sad for this family.  This family that will always be in our hearts – for the rest of our lives.  

This family we will be forever connected to. 

and I was sad for my own family for all we have endured. . . for all we will endure. 

I was overcome with the love it took for my fisherman husband to accept such a gift.  This gift of life. 

and I thanked the Fisherman, and told him he was truly my Superman 

and I gave thanks to God for all: the fear,  the worry, the stress,  all that is yet to come,  my husband, the gift of more time, this incredible gift of life.  

This gift of love.  

and then the miracle came. 

He knew who I was 

I held it all in . . . until I reached that last door, and I sobbed before my shaking hand could reach the door knob.


1001 Gifts

262.) I’m grateful for all the family I had around me that day . . . all our children, my mother, my sister, Mark’s mother, his sisters and of course David.

263.) the amazing care he received by his nurses in ICU

264.) the amazing care I recieved by his nurses in ICU

265.) the gift of time

266.) forever the gift of life

267.) the Mason house

268.) the people, so many people that simply care . . . more then we could have ever imagined

Love, the Fisherman’s wife 

August 30, 2014

I know, it’s been a long time. . .   a lot has happened since I wrote to you last. 

Long story short for tonight: 

heart b

My fisherman husband had a heart transplant August 30th. 

We couldn’t believe it!

In fact, I was still waiting for the doctors over at Emory to put him on the transplant  list, and before we knew it – the fisherman was not only listed, he was in surgery – 


and I couldn’t believe it was real

and I held my breath until it was over 


in fact . . . I’m encouraged by our doctors to keep holding my breath

so I do. 


There is so much to tell you . . . but, you know the rules of blogging. 

1.) When there is time to post, there is nothing to say. 2.) when there is everything to say, there is no time to post.

For now, I know you will forgive me when I say:   I just wanted to give you an update on how he was . . . on how he is. 

and the word is 

He IS Good! 

Thank God! 


1001 Gifts:

257.) for now and forever I’ll always be grateful to our donor family. What courage they have. We will pray for them forever.

258.) the many loving friends I have met along this journey

259.) the love we have been embraced with these past few months

258.) our kids . . . oh my goodness – they are amazing

259.) my friend who flew our oldest son home to be at the hospital with us the day of the transplant – oh! my goodness – ” this simple act” as she says, it still brings me to tears.

260.) of course my mother . . . always my mother  & my sister who came rushing to be at my side to wait

261.) my friend, my neighbor, my BFF came rushing too . . . the love was is simply amazing

Much love to you, Lisa