We are headed back to the Mason house and Emory tonight for another biopsy and more early morning testing. 

Always checking for rejection will become part of our lives. . . has become part of our lives. 

And we’re grateful for the ride to Atlanta – this time together – holding our breath for another “O”


This also means, I wont be able to write to you until at least the end of the week.  

And then I’ll tell you more about the time my Fisherman husband had a heart transplant and we held our breath for more then three years

Love, Lisa 


1001 gifts

269.) unexpected hugs from nephews

270.) pounding sound of pouring rain

271.) the daughter happy to see me after a spend the night bonfire

272.) beautiful messages of love from family and friends

273.) a surprise hug from a sister in law

274.) calls checking on us from our  son’s friend. . . I can’t believe this young man loves us so much

275.) an accidental bump in conversation with my husband Cardiologist – he was just delighted to hear our news

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