August 30, we waited the whole day,  and held our breath ~ until that very night after transplant.  That’s when I followed the Fisherman’s nurse into ICU.  I saw him there with tubes everywhere: helping to breath, helping our new heart to beat, helping fluid drain, helping to stay alive,

and it struck me

This fisherman husband of mine was truly my hero.

I knew right then and there what I have have always suspected

He is my strength.

He is my heart beat. . . my Superman. 

berries October 10 2014

And I was overcome with the love it all took to give such a gift: that gift of life – when one can’t live anymore but, keeps on giving. 

I was overcome with the love our donor must have had for his own family.

The love his family must have had for our donor. How our donor was a person, a real live person with a beating heart. Now beating inside my husband.  

and I was sad for this family.  This family that will always be in our hearts – for the rest of our lives.  

This family we will be forever connected to. 

and I was sad for my own family for all we have endured. . . for all we will endure. 

I was overcome with the love it took for my fisherman husband to accept such a gift.  This gift of life. 

and I thanked the Fisherman, and told him he was truly my Superman 

and I gave thanks to God for all: the fear,  the worry, the stress,  all that is yet to come,  my husband, the gift of more time, this incredible gift of life.  

This gift of love.  

and then the miracle came. 

He knew who I was 

I held it all in . . . until I reached that last door, and I sobbed before my shaking hand could reach the door knob.


1001 Gifts

262.) I’m grateful for all the family I had around me that day . . . all our children, my mother, my sister, Mark’s mother, his sisters and of course David.

263.) the amazing care he received by his nurses in ICU

264.) the amazing care I recieved by his nurses in ICU

265.) the gift of time

266.) forever the gift of life

267.) the Mason house

268.) the people, so many people that simply care . . . more then we could have ever imagined

Love, the Fisherman’s wife 

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