She says she like this shirt because of the heart. It reminds her of her dad and his new heart.  She tells me when he is feeling better they are going to “do lots of fun stuff together” and she can’t wait. 


Liz in the grass signed


I think of things all the time now I would like to say to our donor and his family.  Sometimes “Thank you”  just does not seem to be enough.  And then, I listen to her plans, and I think: Sometimes there are just no words 

and a simple thank you is all I have.  

St. John Paul said, “the mouth speaks to the ears, but the heart – speaks to the heart.  

I continue to count my blessings thanking God always and marveling how the ‘Eucharisteo  always precedes the miracle.’


1001 gifts:

276.) the slow walk I took with my fisherman husband: cool winds blowing, legs pumping, hearts beating

277.) the philosophers home

278.) everyone sleeping under the same roof again

279.) Steviewonder working so hard on everything

280.) the prayers – thank God for the prayers!

281.) quite mornings at home

282.) coffee out of a glass coffee cup

Little Things Thursday

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