I  think I have fallen off my photo groove. I haven’t picked up my camera in so long I’m afraid I  have forgotten how to use it. Every time I take a shot I see so much wrong with the picture.  My settings seem to be off every time. 

 It’s to dark

It’s to bright 

I miss my mark

My mind is going in a 1000 different directions 

matthew by the lake B

It’s true, these past years have been hard on us, and there is no denying there are more hard times to come. I hold my breath, and clinch my teeth when I think about it. 


But  then I stop, take a deep breath and look at the whole picture. . . It’s been the best year of our lives.  So much has happened that makes everything so right.  All those things that have happened – all those things that will happen – that may happen –  just don’t seem to matter to us as much today.  This is our life. It’s not picture perfect. It’s messy.  It’s ours. 

Our son the philosopher came home last week.


It was a very good week.

We took a day to go apple picking . . . all of us together.

We lived a little,

and didn’t worry about a thing.

When we got to the apple farm we didn’t find  apples on the trees.

They were already in the bins . . . all ready picked. 


We didn’t care  . . . 

We were together, 

and all of us knew it. 

We were together laughing,  having fun, being a family 


We took one of those bad family photos were everyone is not ready . 

But, again . . . that perfect picture just was not important. 

We enjoyed the day.

We enjoyed each other.

And as fitting as it was for us 

apple blossoms

we found apple blossoms

in late October. 

The girl who loves everyone said . . . “it was the best day ever”.

 and it was


The philosopher went back to school yesterday Matthew by the lake

I already miss him. 


the Fisherman and I are headed back to Atlanta 

for more testing. 


The girl who loves everyone said, “Already? You have to go back to Atlanta already?

and the girl who loves music said . . . “It’s okay. Mom and Dad have to do this to help get Dad healthy again.  We will have fun together. “

Kathryn Liz Hendersonville October 2014 apple picking

and they will 


I continue to count my blessings thanking God always

1001 gifts:

283.) the sound of tennis shoes in the dryer tumbling, tumbling, tumbling

284.) talks with the best Nana by the fire

285.) surprise visits

286.) the cards, letters and prayers

287.) girls laughing

288.) loving touches

289.) amazing skies in October


9 thoughts on “the whole picture

  1. What a beautiful post. I love your perspective. Thank you for sharing your heart. You know how I feel about perfect pictures, right? Perfection is over rated! ; ) At least that is what I have been saying every single day lately… I will pray for your trip! Much love, Becky


  2. So, so happy to see you posting again, Lisa! I’ve missed you, my friend! Your photos are still beautiful, and it’s good to see your sweet family! How is Mark doing since his surgery, and what were the results of these recent tests?! He’s been in my prayers … you all have, even though I haven’t been in touch, you’ve been on my heart!! We’ve had lots of things happening here in the family, but the main one is that my sweet nephew passed away in September from a brain tumor that was removed 4 years ago, but returned with a vengeance. My sister is devastated, and I’ve been spending lots of time with her. He was her only son and only 33 years old with a wife and young son. We’re taking one day at a time …. healing.

    I want to start posting here again. I checked my email and saw that you had posted and clicked over here to let you know I haven’t forgotten you! If you still have my email address, and when you get some time, let me know how things are going, okay?! Would you mind if I still friend you over on Facebook, too? I still have the link you had sent in an email to me, but I have two FB accounts and will send it from my more private one. Write and let me know and I’ll look forward to getting in touch again! Blessings and love to you, sweet friend!! xoxo

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  3. You are doing well ~ ‘life is like a long and winding road’ ~ the trick is to not get caught in the very large potholes! Hope you keep up with your photography ~ shows talent and a ‘great eye’ ~ Believe in yourself!


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